What is a Memory Spot?

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Memory spots are understood to be passive transponders that have the ability to store large data files. The typical memory spot makes use of a chip that provides the high amount of storage capacity, and also helps to protect the integrity of the data that is saved on the device. There are several types of data that may be stored using a memory spot, including entire databases, huge digital photographs and graphics, and audio and video files.

The memory spot is considered a form of radio frequency identification or RFID tag, and is manufactured as a passive transponder that will work with many of the same applications as magnetic stripe readers and bar code tags. For example, a memory spot could be included in the design for patient tags or wristbands in a hospital setting. The tag or band would contain the full medical history of the individual, making it easy to retrieve important information that could save a life.


There are other applications of this passive transponder that may be helpful as well. Businesses can make use of the memory spot as part of the identification process for allowing authorized employees into areas with high security. The spot could be embedded in an identification card or in a tag that is worn in a manner similar to a badge. For fun applications, the memory spot can be attached to a photograph and provide audio accompaniment for the visual image. Individuals could even use a memory spot to load pictures, text, or music files into a package or letter for mailing to loved ones.

One of the advantages of the memory spot technology is that the data can easily store large amounts of data for an indefinite period of time. For companies, this means secure storage of the latest versions of key databases, as well as important documents that are essential to the operation of the company. Personal users can make use of a memory spot to create and store an extensive library of music files or video presentations. With so many possibilities for the memory spot, there is a good chance that the device will eventually replace some of the more traditional forms of data storage.


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