What is a Memory Bracelet?

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The phrase memory bracelet can refer to two quite different types of bracelets, one which features a memento of a loved one, and the other which can 'remember' its own shape.

The first type of memory bracelet is similar to a locket. The bracelet, which can take any form, whether a metal chain or a beaded strap, includes a small picture frame, into which you can insert a small photograph of your child, boyfriend, husband or other object of affection. Basically, anyone whose photo you want literally on hand at all times is a suitable candidate for being enshrined in a memory bracelet. Memory bracelets can range from simple 'gold-tone' chains with plastic 'gold-look' frames, to elaborate -- and costly -- affairs with precious metals and semi-precious gemstones.

The other type of memory bracelet is one made with 'memory wire'. This type of jewelry-making wire is sold in coils and will always snap back into its original coil shape after being contorted into other shapes. A typical bracelet made with memory wire might be beaded with semi-precious gemstones such as polished amethyst, quartz and citrine, all along the length of the wire.


Memory wire doesn't require fastenings or findings; you don't need to add closures to a bracelet made of memory wire. Simply turn the wire back in on itself and tuck it inside the drilled hole on the last bead. A memory bracelet can have as many coils of spiral as you want to wear. A small memory bracelet might wrap twice around the wrist, but if you have the beads for it and don't mind the weight, you can make a memory bracelet that will wrap three, four or even more times around your wrist.

Memory wire bracelets may be slipped on over the knuckles, or the wire may be spread apart so the bracelet can be wrapped around your wrist. Memory bracelets can be worn on the wrist, upper arm or ankle. Wider coils of memory wire -- that is, wire that has been coiled and trained to a larger circumference -- are available to make memory necklaces with.


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Post 3

Upon graduating from high school, I give each of my granddaughters a memory charm bracelet. Each one is personalized with charms that are special to them. The charms range from sports and activities they have been involved in, to places they have visited and some of their favorite things.

The most recent charm bracelet included a book (she loves to read), a ballet shoe, a charm of Hawaii and a puppy. I collect these through the years and they are always excited to see which charms I have picked out for them. This is something that is as fun for me to do as it is to give as a gift.

Post 2

I have gone through a lot of memory wire the last few years. I work with at-risk kids and one of their favorite activities is making beaded jewelry. The memory wire is so nice because it takes no skill to make a bracelet. You don't have to worry about clasps, findings or if you have needle nose pliers to attach the findings.

With a big assortment of beads and buttons, they can make a large variety of bracelets and necklaces. The girls take pride in something they have made for themselves. They also enjoy making them to give as gifts to their friends and family.

Post 1

My memory bracelet is one that I wear all the time. I love to keep current photos of my family around, so will often change the pictures I have in my photo bracelet.

Not only is it nice to have those photos with you at all times, but they are also great conversation starters. I have received many complements on mine and that usually is the beginning of a nice conversation. They serve much the same purpose of a locket or a charm bracelet.

Because they have such personal meaning to you, the value if more sentimental than anything.

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