What Is a Meditation Room?

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A meditation room is typically a room designed for meditation. Such a room is generally kept sparse, organized, and clean, with furniture suitable for quiet, comfortable contemplation. Various objects, especially objects representing the four elements, may be placed in a meditation room. Some people may decorate such a room with objects or symbols that have personal meaning for them, with a small altar, or with religious icons. A meditation room need not necessarily be a room, as those with limited space may create privacy in a nook or corner using a curtain or some other type of screen.

One of the most important qualities of a meditation space or room may be that it is quiet and private. This is generally an area where a person can practice the meditation techniques of his choice without interruption from the outside world. Some may consider the room or space to be sacred.

A meditation cushion or chair is generally considered essential for a meditation room. Plants, water fountains, and gentle music can help to create a peaceful atmosphere within a meditation space. Many people decorate such a space with objects from nature, such as shells, flowers, or attractive stones. Some meditation rooms contain small altars decorated in a meaningful or symbolic way. Many people decorate a meditation room with images or objects of spiritual or religious significance, while others may choose decorations according to their own intuition.

Many of the objects placed in a meditation space may be intended to aid with meditation techniques. Some people like to meditate while focusing the gaze on an external object, such as a candle flame, a photo of a respected person, or a religious icon. Others like to meditate while focusing on soothing music or sounds from nature. Still others like to meditate while focusing on a chant, on a relaxing fragrance, or on a specific sound. Meditation tools such as incense, candles, gongs, and bells can often be found in a meditation room.

While an entire, specially designated room is often preferable for a meditation area, those with limited space may create the same effect by enclosing a corner or nook in the home and ensuring that the privacy and quiet of this space will be respected. Meditation is generally considered easier and more effective when distractions and intrusions are eliminated from the meditation space.

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