What is a Medical Spa?

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A medical spa is a cross between a traditional day spa and a medical clinic. This is a fairly new type of spa, with the first one opening in the late 1980s. Traditional day spas focus on a more relaxing atmosphere where clients might get massages and facials, and medical spas offer an atmosphere that is more clinical yet relaxing. Medical spas are run under the supervision of a medical doctor.

Many medical spas offer common spa services such as massages and salt scrubs, but they focus mainly on other services that should be performed only under the supervision of a medical professional. These services include skin care services, acne treatment, weight loss programs and even plastic surgery. Medical spas might also offer microdermabrasion, laser hair removal or treatment of red spots.

Skin care services and acne treatment are popular services at many medical spas. One such service that a medical spa might offer is a HydraFacial™. This facial treatment cleanses and exfoliates while also moisturizing and renewing the skin. A medical spa might also offer chemical peels and traditional facials, and it might use a chemical peel or dermabrasion to treat acne.

Laser treatments are a popular service at many medical spas, because these procedures should be performed only under the watchful eye of a licensed medical professional. These treatments might be used by a medical spa to treat acne or wrinkles. They might also be used for hair removal.


Weight loss programs are another popular treatment option at many medical spas. Several medical spas focus on a more holistic and nutrition-based approach. Many people might feel that this is a great environment in which to focus on their weight loss goals. A medical spa specializing in this type of treatment might combine nutrition education, spa treatments, exercise and cutting edge techniques to help a person lose weight. Some spas even offer resident programs.

Plastic surgery is another service offered at some medical spas. A plastic surgeon evaluates candidates, recommends treatments and performs surgery in the medical spa. Recovery also is done at the spa. Many people prefer this environment for plastic surgery because it is more relaxing than the environment at most plastic surgery clinics.

The ultimate goal of a medical spa usually is to create an environment where a client receives medical treatments in a relaxing environment. This might make a person more comfortable while undergoing procedures that would be uncomfortable in traditional settings. Many people are eager to go to a medical spa because a medical professional supervises all activities.


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@grumpyguppy: Some insurance companies will pay for you to go to a medical spa, depending on what kind of treatment you are going to receive. Some of the treatments offered at medical spas can be looked at as a type of physical therapy, therefore making it insurance eligible.

My brother-in-law was injured on the job two years ago and his physician ordered medical spa treatment. It was specifically for some type of massage on his back that was supposed to help relax his muscles more. The doctor wrote the order for him to have it done for six weeks and his worker’s compensation paid for all of it.

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Do insurance companies pay to use a medical day spa? I had never even heard of a medical spa.

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