What is a Medical Marijuana License?

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A medical marijuana license is a form of legal documentation that allows anyone with proper medical papers to purchase and use medicinal marijuana. Medical cannabis, or marijuana, is not legal in every country. Limited use of medicinal marijuana is legal in Canada, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Israel, and Portugal. Some states within the United States allow the legal purchase of medicinal marijuana.

Each aforementioned country's government plays a large part in the growth, purchase, and distribution of medicinal marijuana. Regardless of particular laws surrounding legal cannabis usage, almost all countries require citizens to obtain a medical marijuana license prior to purchase or use of the plant.

To gain a medical marijuana license, one must be ill in some manner. Therefore, each person who wishes to obtain a license must speak with a medical doctor prior to purchasing marijuana from a legal seller. There are many different ailments that may qualify for a medical marijuana license. Both mental and physical illnesses can result in the distribution of a license according to government regulations.

Studies have shown that marijuana can ease many illness-related symptoms caused by Alzheimer's, diabetes, attention deficit disorder, asthma, depression, skin tumors, sleep apnea, breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, and many other ailments. People who are facing end-stage diseases are also often granted a legal license.


There are many different methods available for using medicinal cannabis. Taking capsules, smoking, drinking, and eating marijuana are all ways that patients can reap the benefits of this drug. While smoking marijuana is the preferred method by many patients, there is some controversy surrounding this type of consumption.

Many doctors and scientists argue that smoking anything is not beneficial. This theory is based upon the fact that cigarettes often cause lung cancer due to smoke inhalation amongst other things. Also, some argue that smoking any kind of drug is not an effective way to distribute a drug evenly throughout the body, since smoke cannot be controlled.

Contrastingly, there are many people around the globe that are pushing for the legalization of medicinal marijuana. These proponents of medical cannabis base their arguments upon numerous studies that show the positive effects of this drug. Still, the world is largely split over the legalization of marijuana.

If you happen to live in a country or state that allows the legal consumption of medicinal marijuana, you must speak with a recognized medical doctor prior to obtaining a medical marijuana license. Once an license has been issued, you can only purchase this drug from legal government distribution centers.


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Post 7

The medical marijuana business license debate continues while most people should realize that the legal side of this issue is a huge mess and until we have some understanding between the medical marijuana states and the federal government then there will always be strife in the community.

There are pros and cons to cannabis legalization but as long as the marijuana facts are known then eventually the correct policy will be enacted.

Post 6

One very overlooked method of ingestion for the medical marijuana patient is the use of edible foods. By mixing and infusing the active chemicals of marijuana into food we can create a safe and reliable delivery system that will also be tasty.

Because of the fat-soluble nature of the resins on cannabis that contain the psychoactive chemicals, the best way to extract the medicine is to heat the raw colas with a butter or oil. This will make for easy cooking.

Post 5

I just don't think it is right that these medical marijuana cards are just being sold for a matter of money. Isn't there any kind of check and balance on these doctors? What is our world coming too. Maybe we should research into this topic more so we can stop the fraud.

Post 4

I use medicinal marijuana for the relief of my glaucoma condition. The pressure that I feel in my eyes translates into horrible headaches for me. By smoking some cannabis this pressure is released as the marijuana increases the blood flow to and from the eyes.

While some might think that being high and having your eyes red is all bad, for me it helps against the disease I face. Please think about actual people in pain before you make a rash judgment on a very sensitive issue.

I also urge people to research just what ailments that medical marijuana can help with and also find the truth about cannabis in general.

Post 3

The author brings up a very valid argument when talking about the way that medical marijuana is taken as there are many forms of delivery available to the patient.

A very common form and one that is getting more and more popular in the medical marijuana states is the use of a vaporizer to take the medicine. These devices use heat at the proper temperature to literally release the active compounds of marijuana while preventing the actual carbon release that flame to plant matter can create.

This safer alternative is often the more widely recommended way for a patient to consume cannabis for medicinal purposes. While you may or may not agree with the effectiveness of medical marijuana for a variety of ailments, the truth is that it is being used by many more people then most realize.

Post 2

Until they can control the dosage in the same fashion that any pharmaceutical medicine would be required to do, then and only then will I support the use of medical marijuana.

Currently, I think the gross over recommendation of the illicit substance by medical marijuana doctors is very concerning. There is already a synthetic THC pill available on the market called Marinol. Why do we need random business with no oversight selling medical marijuana to anyone willing to pay the doctors price?

Marinol is a federally accepted Schedule III medicine that true and ethical doctors can prescribe to AIDS and cancer patients for an aid against nausea, vomiting and appetite loss. Other then that, sorry stoners, no pot.

Post 1

I think it is important for anyone who reads this article to know that the term medical marijuana license is a very vague description and patients as well as the general public need to understand that there are bid differences between these legal documents.

Medical marijuana recommendations are what are now being issued by medical professionals in the state of California. It is not called a prescription due to the fact that no pharmacy could fill such a request. The cooperatives and organizations that actually dispense medical cannabis accept these recommendations as a legal form for membership into their group.

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