What is a Mayogarita?

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The mayogarita is not a health conscious alternative to margaritas invented by the Mayo Clinic. In fact it’s a far stretch from health conscious and the Mayo Clinic would probably advise against its consumption because of its high cholesterol content. Instead, this alcoholic drink has become popular in Japan among a group calling themselves mayolers, folks who really enjoy mayonnaise on a variety of foods we wouldn’t ordinarily associate with the spread. This includes mayo on cold noodles, ice cream, and chocolate bars. In particular, the mayogarita is a specialty of the Tokyo restaurant, The Mayonnaise Kitchen, which mayolers in Japan frequent to indulge in a variety of mayonnaise treats.

Essentially, the mayogarita is a combination of the traditional margarita served in a glass dipped in mayonnaise, instead of the standard glass dipping for a margarita, which tends to be salt. A basic margarita is a combination of tequila, triple sec and lime juice. This can either be served on the rocks, or blended with ice. Margaritas are most associated with Mexico, but the mayoler population in Japan has prompted the drink’s migration to places like The Mayonnaise Kitchen.


Like the standard margarita, the mayogarita can be served either blended or over ice, but it gets that quite unique taste from the glass being dipped in mayonnaise rather than salt. Mayo often drips down the sides of the drink, which to the mayoler means “Yum!” Response by those who don’t care for mayonnaise or who can’t imagine this combination of flavors is not as favorable. Blogs have been devoted to the question as to how this drink could possibly be consumed at all, and how much money someone would have to pay the blogger to actually drink one of these drinks. Yet the mayolers of Japan would conversely gladly consume the drink without pay, and actually flock to places like the Tokyo restaurant just to have this favorite drink.

Some chefs outside of Japan have adopted a less negative attitude toward the mayogarita. They suggest that the combination of flavors and creaminess might not be the perfect drink, but might create a pretty good marinade or sauce base for a variety of fish or chicken dishes. The tang of mayonnaise, especially the Japanese type, combined with lime and tequila, could be brushed onto grilled chicken or shrimp with interesting results.

Others find the combination just too difficult to contemplate without spewing forth exclamations like “EWW!” The mayogarita is a fine example of the differing tastes around the world, and doesn’t deserve such a prejudiced response. The phrase, “to each his own” comes to mind when considering this alcoholic beverage.


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