What is a Matte Bronzer?

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A matte bronzer is a cosmetic meant to create the illusion of a tan. By definition, substances that are labeled as matte should not be glossy, shiny, or sparkly. Consumers should carefully read the matte bronzer’s packaging before buying and, if possible, try the product under various light sources. A consumer should also attempt to purchase a matte bronzer that complements her skin tone, as bronzers come in a plethora of shades. Matte bronzer comes in many varieties, such as lotion, loose powder, compact powder, gel, or spray.

For those who don’t wish to spend hours under the sun or in a tanning booth, a matte bronzer is a good way to attain a faux tan. These bronzers help the wearer achieve a sun-kissed appearance without the damaging side effects. Unlike real tans, faux tans can be achieved all year long safely and inexpensively. Consumers typically buy them to earn a healthy glow, rather than the look of a deep tan.

Matte bronzers should not have a sheen or glimmer to them, appearances which are produced by light-reflecting particles. Most bronzers are shiny, though, so the matte varieties are a bit harder to come by. Bronzers are manufactured by so many cosmetic producers, that they may cost anywhere between a couple of dollars or Euros to upwards of a hundred.


Matte bronzer can be a part of someone’s everyday makeup routine, or something used only occasionally for that extra glam factor. These types of bronzers often come in the form of a powder or cream-like substance that may easily be brushed onto the face or body. Many such bronzers are removed with facial soap, like any other makeup.

There are also gradual matte bronzers on the market, however. Like other gradual bronzers, these products are meant to be applied every day or couple of days for an overall skin tone change that isn’t quite as drastic as the other options. These types of matte bronzers usually come in the form of a lotion, gel, or aerosol spray. The consumer can easily control the faux tan when using a gradual bronzer.

Consumers may want to read reviews or get recommendations from a friend if they are in the market for a new matte bronzer. So many bronzers may look good on the store shelf, but turn skin an unsightly orange color after they are applied. Additionally, matte bronzers may look perfect when applied, but turn out streaky after a couple of hours.

Like any makeup that goes on the face, facial bronzer may affect the skin’s appearance. Since everyone’s skin is different, the sun protection factor (SPF), glycolic acid, mineral oil, or other ingredients contained in the bronzing product may be beneficial or harmful to various consumers.


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Post 3

I just started using a loose powder, mineral matte bronzer and I love it! I think it's far better than pressed powder or gel. It applies and blends so easily, and it doesn't make my skin break out.

Mineral makeup does cost more but I think it's worth it. I wear bronzer frequently, but I suspect that this container will last me a few years. If anyone is planning to try mineral bronzer, please also get a bronzer brush. The brush makes a huge difference in application. I don't recommend using the brushes that bronzers come with. They're not very effective.

Post 2

@fify-- I don't think that one type is better, it's a personal preference. But some skin tones might look better with one type of bronzer. Also, you probably don't want to wear a shimmer bronzer when going to work or school.

I think that a tan colored, matte makeup bronzer is a good place to start if you have never used bronzer before. This will suit light and medium skin tones and it won't look unnatural. Shimmer bronzers are easy to overdo, especially if the product contains a lot of light reflecting pigment. It might look fine indoors, but it will make your face look very shiny and glossy in natural light. I made this mistake once and my

friend said that my face was like a disco ball! You definitely don't want that.

This is never a problem with a matte bronzer and you can predict how it's going to look outside even when you do your makeup inside.

Post 1

I've never used a makeup bronzer before. I will be making my first bronzer purchase and I can't decide if I should get a matte bronzer or a shimmer bronzer. Is one type better than the other?

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