What is a Massaging Mat?

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A massaging mat is a mat or pad that is designed for massaging one or more specific areas of the body. The massaging mat may be designed for the back, the neck, or the feet. Some massaging mats are electronic, while others are made of plain rubber or silicone. The purpose of a massaging mat is to target stress points on the body and relax the tissue and muscles.

An electronic massaging mat may or may not combine heat with the massage, and such mats come in different sizes and shapes. Some are designed to massage stress points on the back and neck while sitting or lying down. A full body massaging mat is typically designed to use while lying flat. The design of electronic massaging mats varies, but many are designed with controls for multiple settings and removable, washable covers.


A silicone or rubber massaging mat is a stationary object that can serve a purpose similar to that of the electronic variety. These mats generally cost less because there are no electronic components, but there are many varieties to choose from. A rubber massaging mat will be soft enough to lie, sit, or stand on comfortably, yet hard enough to apply pressure to targeted areas. There are several rounded nodules, or bumps, protruding from the surface of the mat that are sometimes strategically placed to affect specific areas on most users. These types of massaging mats are especially nice for standing on in the shower or sitting on in the car.

A masseuse may also use a covered massage mat to provide additional comfort and pressure while performing a full body or back massage. Even for personal use, a massaging mat can help relax the body and massage away tension as the weight of the body applies the pressure. Massage mats can be found at many retailers and also at some holistic health centers. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's directions for use and do not use a mat in the shower unless it is approved for use in water.


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