What is a Marketing Administrative Assistant?

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A marketing administrative assistant works for and with a company's sales or marketing department, and may have a wide variety of daily tasks. Many positions in this field require a blend of administrative abilities and sales savvy. Many sales and marketing professionals get their start as assistants, as the job can provide valuable experience and insight into the marketing industry.

A marketing administrative assistant is often highly valued for computer and organizational skills. Some of his or her tasks may include sending out company or client newsletters, providing promotional information to prospective clients, and assisting in creating the sales message of the company. Proficiency with spreadsheet, graphic, and word processing programs is often a requirement for marketing assistants. These administrative assistants must be comfortable with both the practical and creative sides of a marketing or sales department.

The daily responsibilities of a marketing administrative assistant may be constantly shifting, depending on the needs of the company. Common tasks include filing, scheduling meetings and industry events, research, and client interaction. Assistants with talent or experience in sales and marketing may be able to contribute to the promotional work of a the company, creating flyers, sales packages, and promotional material to send to clients. Many sales professionals rely heavily on assistants to help keep the department on task, and may require them to manage the department when supervisors are traveling or unavailable.


Educational and work history requirements for a marketing administrative assistant also may vary from position to position. Some companies require a university degree and a background in sales or marketing. Others may ask for at least a high school degree as well as some proof of ability in the forms of recommendations from previous bosses. The job may also require some flexibility in location or lifestyle, as many positions in the field require frequent traveling or transferring between company branches.

Marketing assistants often excel at complicated scheduling and multitasking, since much of the work involves coordinating interactions between clients and company personnel. In companies with a large customer base, a marketing administrative assistant with a great memory can be a tremendous asset, as he or she may need to recall client history and details at a moment's notice. In addition, because sales are so often dependent on a good relationship between the company and the client, personality can sometimes be a huge factor in successful employment. In order to maintain good relationships with clients, the administrative assistant must be able to remain calm in tense situations and provide excellent, friendly service.

A marketing administrative assistant position allows workers to gain insider knowledge of the field. For those planning a career in the field, working in this type of job can give him or her a leg up when applying for better paid, or more advanced positions in the field. Even if an assistant's employer cannot provide advancement opportunities down the line, experience working so closely with clients may give an ambitious assistant a wonderful chance to form good relationships and make a positive impression on other companies.


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In addition to providing valuable experience and potential for advancement, a marketing administrative assistant is also pretty well paid for their work at that position.

Marketing administrative assistants generally make $42,000 or $43,000 per year.

This salary most likely reflects the myriad responsibilities associated with the job and expertise level required.

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