What Is a Mango Daiquiri?

Angela Farrer

A mango daiquiri is a flavored fruit cocktail typically made with cubed or diced mangoes, rum, ice, and sweet syrup blended together until they reach the thick texture of frozen drinks. Several recipes exist for this sweet citrus drink, and many home mixologists like to add their own garnishes as well. Mango fruit drinks are often considered refreshing in hot weather. A mango daiquiri is a favorite among those who enjoy frozen citrus cocktails during the summer.

Mango is a popular tropical fruit.
Mango is a popular tropical fruit.

Generally, a mango daiquiri will include sliced mango pieces, sweet and sour mix, and sometimes a small amount of orange-flavored liqueur, simple syrup, or triple sec. Some people prefer dark rum, while others like the light variety of this spirit. Additional ingredient alternatives for this mango beverage can be lime or lemon juice and small measures of sugar for added flavor. Either frozen or fresh mangos can be used for this drink, although many people report that ripe mangos yield a sweeter and usually the best-tasting drink. The same ripeness factor can also usually apply to various other types of mango dishes.

Ice cubes are typically placed at the bottom of a blender when making a mango daiquiri.
Ice cubes are typically placed at the bottom of a blender when making a mango daiquiri.

Most mango daiquiris are blended with ice until they reach the desired consistency. Experienced mixologists often report that a smaller amount of ice is needed when pieces of frozen mango are included. Less ice can sometimes result in a more intense taste, particularly when a larger amount of rum is added as well. A few of these drink recipes may call for a blend of light rum and vodka instead of simply rum, which is another factor to balance with the rest of the flavor ingredients.

Recipe instructions for the average mango daiquiri include first placing ice cubes or crushed ice at the bottom of the blender and then adding the mango fruit pieces on top. The liquid flavor ingredients are then poured in before the entire daiquiri is blended at a high speed. Other tips for making quality mango daiquiris include using crushed ice rather than large cubes and checking fresh mangos for ripeness prior to purchasing for this type of frozen drink recipe. One of the most common daiquiri mistakes is using too-large ice cubes that may result in noticeable chunks of ice in the finished drinks. For those who may not like the taste of rum, an alternate version of the mango daiquiri can be made with flavored vodka instead.

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