What Is a Management Skills Assessment?

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A strategy adopted by a variety of businesses and organizations, a management skills assessment is designed to increase workplace efficiency and cohesion through the improvement of managing techniques. Assessments can be conducted in a variety of ways including through surveys, consultations, and workshops. Skills taught in a management assessment include project supervision, teamwork, leadership, and effective employee distribution.

A management skills assessment can be conducted through a workshop, a weekend conference or a retreat. The location and sessions of the skills assessment can be company specific or include many different managers from a variety of companies. At the event there may be a combination of workshops, lectures, and discussion groups.

Generally, the classes will first help to evaluate current management practices conducted by a company or individual manager. Once the type of management practices are identified and understood, improvements can be suggested by workshop staff and management consultants. The management skills assessment may include role-playing scenarios and mock situations to help improve managing style.

Another type of management skills assessment is an in-depth survey or evaluation form that a business fills out with management staff to help a company better understand the way it conducts supervision and project completion. The evaluation is a cost effective solution used by companies to improve managing style and narrow down paths for improvements. Areas surveyed include work planning, task delegation, supervision techniques, and conflict resolution.


Management training consulting companies can be hired by a business to conduct a management skills assessment and offer suggestions for improvement. In this scenario, a consultant may come into a business organization and conduct interviews of staff to assess leadership styles, employee roles, and project work flows. After the consultant understands how the business is run, he or she can work with managers using the management skills assessment to help them become more effective leaders within the company.

The goal of a management skills assessment is usually to improve a businesses supervision and managing style, but it can also be used to improve the overall efficiency of a company as a whole. Certain types of assessments and management assessment training can be used to identify work flow issues and improve project completion. Management training consultants can help a company place employees and train new supervisors. Some companies choose to attend management skills assessment training regularly in order to stay updated on new techniques and current employee leadership styles. Surveys and evaluations can be taken regularly as well to allow the business to track improvements and assess new employees.


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