What is a Makeup Mirror?

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Women who wear cosmetics inevitably find themselves in the position of attempting to put on makeup while holding a mirror in one hand. Sometimes, the results are not good. In these cases, a woman could benefit from a makeup mirror.

A makeup mirror is usually a two-sided mirror that sits on a stand and is hinged on each side, so the user can use either side with ease. One side is normal magnification, while the other side may be a 4x or 5x mirror, which is useful for spotting and covering blemishes on the face. A makeup mirror may be almost any size or shape, as long at it allows the person applying makeup to use both hands for the job.

One popular design for a makeup mirror mimics various lighting environments. These have been perennial favorites since the late 1960s. These mirrors have a light on each side, and various filters may be dialed over the lights to suggest different atmospheres. Fluorescent lighting is green, for example, so the "office" filter is green, as well. The filter for "evening" is a soft pink and the "day" filter is clear. The mirror itself is rectangular and turns from side to side on its axis. This mirror runs about US$40, and its drawback is that it is rather large and bulky.


A makeup mirror may be lighted but also relatively compact. Good lighting helps in the proper application of cosmetics, so lighted makeup mirrors of all sorts are popular.

Not every makeup mirror is elaborate, however. Some are just two mirrors encased in plastic on a plastic stand. These run about US$5 at a discount store. They are also often available in the accessories department of a department store at a slightly higher price. Anyone buying a makeup mirror should look for one that is an appropriate size for the space where it will be stored. The person should also look for a mirror that is stable and does not turn too easily. The mirror should stay in the required position during use. A makeup mirror may also be of adjustable height, an advantage if the mirror will be used in different places.

Most shoppers should be able to find a makeup mirror that is perfect for their individual needs simply by looking in any store that carries cosmetics and accessories.


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Post 3

One of my favorite Christmas gifts when I was a teenager was a brown Remington makeup mirror. I had this on my list, and was so excited when I got it. It had lights along both sides and one side was magnified. I used that mirror for several years and even took it to college with me.

I still use a lighted makeup mirror today and cannot imagine trying to get my makeup applied right without one. If I am traveling and do not have a lighted mirror, I really miss it.

Post 2

I always try to keep a portable makeup mirror with me whenever I travel or go somewhere. A small mirror inside a compact just doesn't always do the trick. Also, if there are several people that need to share the bathroom and counter space, you can still have a place to put your make up on.

It doesn't usually work very well if you are trying to use a big mirror in a hotel room that doesn't have very good lighting. That is when I use my portable mirror the most - especially when it comes to the eye makeup.

Post 1

I would be lost without my makeup mirror in the bathroom. I have a lighted wall mounted makeup mirror by my vanity. It makes it so much easier to apply my makeup and style my hair when I do not have to hold a mirror at the same time.

I also use the magnified side quite often when I am putting on eye makeup or using an eye brow tweezer. Once you get used to using a lighted makeup mirror with a magnifier, it is hard to go back to anything else.

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