What is a Magnetic Resistance Upright Bike?

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A magnetic resistance upright bike is a type of exercise machine that is used to build endurance and strength. Magnetic resistance exercise bikes utilize a magnetic field to create resistance, which eliminates friction from the movement and hence provides a smoother ride. Upright bikes are the most common type because they closely mimic a real bicycle. A magnetic resistance upright bike is a combination of these two types.

The primary benefit of an exercise bike is that using one allows the person exercising to burn calories effectively without putting too much stress on his or her joints. Exercise bikes of any kind are also useful for toning the muscles of the lower body. Athletes often use gym bikes to cross train during off-season months or when injury prevents regular exercise.

Magnetic resistance machines are one of the most popular types of bike available. The problem with other types of resistance such as belt resistance bikes is that the noise generated is relatively loud. A magnetic resistance upright bike is much quieter than other types. A misconception about magnetic resistance upright bikes is that the resistance is fixed. Most magnetic bikes allow the user to adjust the resistance using a dial, which increases or decreases the strength of the magnetic field.


Upright bikes are the bike of choice for people who want a mix between a high intensity and comfortable workout. When using an upright exercise bike, the user is sitting in a position that is similar to a regular bike. Most upright bikes have an adjustable seat and handlebar height, which makes customizing the machine to suit an individual straightforward. Many bikes also come with onboard computers to keep track of quantities such as distance, heart rate and speed.

There are several other types of exercise bike available. For example, electromagnetic and belt resistance bikes are common. A belt resistance bike will usually be a lot louder than a magnetic resistance upright bike and hence may not be as desirable for home use. Recumbent exercise bikes are similar to upright although they place the user in a more relaxed position by lowering the seat height and locating the pedals in front rather than below.

When buying a magnetic resistance upright bike there are several different factors that need to be considered. For example, some users may require a heart rate monitor. Others may require a bike which has a large number of different settings and programs such as hill climb, endurance and interval.


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Post 3

The resistance upright bike I'm looking at says that it has eight levels for magnetic tension. Is this a good number? I've never used one of these before so I'm not sure.

Post 2

I like the magnetic resistance upright bike as well. It's definitely better than the regular ones we used to have.But I still urge everyone to read customer reviews carefully if planning to get one. We're having an issue with the seat of our bike because it's difficult to adjust and sits either too short or too tall. It seems like a minor issue but it is a set back for people who need to adjust it often.

Post 1

We bought a magnetic resistance exercise bike last month and we are very happy with it. Both my husband and I use it and it has completely fulfilled our expectations.

The best part about it is definitely the magnetic resistance that can be adjusted based on the resistance required. Like the article said, magnetic resistance allows for a smooth ride. It's very impressive. The bike also has a screen which shows the resistance level, distance and calories burned.

We couldn't have asked for a better exercise bike for home.

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