What is a Lymphatic Cleanse?

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A lymphatic cleanse can help to eliminate toxins within the body. The lymphatic system carries essential nutrients to different areas of the body. It also removes waste sends it to the bloodstream. Certain foods can help this process considerably, while others work to block it. A lymphatic cleanse can stimulate the lymphatic system and helps it work more efficiently.

Lymph is a fluid that circles the cells and provides nourishment. Lymphatic vessels carry the lymphatic fluid to the bloodstream. Dead cells and the waste they produce are then delivered to the appropriate organs so that the body can eliminate them. This makes the lymphatic system an important part of the immune system. Lymph nodes can be found in the neck, back, and groin. If a bacterial or viral infection is found in the body, these nodes can become swollen.

Foods with high in protein, pollution, and undigested food can slow down the lymphatic system. Certain diseases such as cancer can also block or clog up this system, causing discomfort and inflammation. The lymphatic system is not activated by the body, it has to be stimulated. A lymphatic cleanse helps to boost the lymphatic system, so that it can function correctly.


Processed foods contain additives and preservatives that cannot be easily digested by the body. Flour and sugars can also slow down the lymphatic system because they increase sugar levels in the blood. During a lymphatic cleanse, any carbohydrates should be kept to a minimum or avoided altogether. Fruit and vegetables and easily digested foods are good options. Drinking plenty of water is also recommended because it helps to rid the body of waste products.

Certain holistic or herbal remedies can aid the lymphatic system. Echinacea, red clover, and goldenseal can remove toxins from the body and they can all be used during a lymphatic cleanse. They work to remove unhealthy substances from the lymph fluid itself, which can also stimulate the lymph system.

Another important part of a lymphatic cleanse involves exercising on a daily basis. It not only aids in keeping the lymphatic fluid moving, but it can also improve the blood circulation. Exercise can produce sweat that contains unwanted body waste and it also strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system. It sends fresh oxygen to the cells and helps to rejuvenate them.


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