What is a Luggage Rack?

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Luggage racks are simple devices that are used to hold and secure suitcases and other travel devices during storage or transport. There are a number of different types of the luggage rack in use today, with some geared toward travel and others for use in the home or at hotels. Along with several designs for the suitcase rack, the device can also be composed of a number of different materials.

For most people, the idea of a luggage rack is associated with a device that can be attached to the top of the family car. Detachable metal luggage racks may be employed when the trunk for the vehicle will not accommodate all the luggage required for a road trip. The rack will have a sturdy frame that includes insulation so that scratching to the finish of the vehicle does not occur. Many versions of the rooftop luggage rack will include sturdy nylon straps that help hold the suitcases in place. However, some models require the use of rope or other binding agents to secure the luggage within the frame.


Along with suitcase racks that are used with the family car, many upscale hotels include stationary luggage racks as part of the amenities for their guests. These racks can come in very handy when a guest is only staying for a short time and prefers to simply live out of the suitcase. Often, this version of the luggage rack will be a little more ornate than detachable models. When utilized in a room, the luggage rack may be constructed with materials that blend into the general décor, such as wood or combinations of wood with metal elements.

The luggage rack may also be employed in the home as well. Larger stationary racks may be used as a closet insert, making it possible to store suitcases in an organized fashion. A smaller luggage rack may also be kept on hand for the benefit of overnight guests in the home. The folding luggage rack can easily be stored away when not in use, and set up to allow overnight guests a simple means of setting up the suitcase for easy access during the stay.


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