What Is a Lucite® Tray?

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A Lucite® tray is a certain kind of household item made out of acrylic resin that can hold various objects and stand up to pressure for time. Lucite® is a brand name for a kind of synthetic glass, an acrylic resin that industry insiders call PMMA. This hardy material is resistant to scratching and gouging, and is popular for all sorts of consumer products.

Manufacturers can design Lucite® trays in a variety of ways to complement interior decorating or other styles. Some of these Lucite® tray designs are made entirely transparent, so that objects can be seen through them. This often proves valuable for multi-purpose containers where the objects that are contained need to be visible when the container is closed. Other Lucite tray designs have a colorful, visually appealing pattern or color scheme.

In a household use context, Lucite® trays are often useful in a kitchen. These trays and carriers can be used to transport bulky items like pitchers, plates, or glasses. Since the Lucite® tray is not actual glass, sharp contact with this material is less likely to shatter glasses or other fragile objects.


Lucite® trays can also be used to carry foods, or to present an array of different types of food. Loose candies or other foods can be kept in an open Lucite® tray. Cooks can present newly created dishes on a Lucite® tray, where the material also stands up to moderate heat pretty well, though makers may recommend putting a cloth or other insulator between a hot plate and a Lucite® made tray.

These types of carrying containers can be made in all different sizes and shapes. Some buyers might look for a significant width to the outside edge, in order to keep smaller items on the tray from rolling off and getting lost. Others might be looking for a specific area by length and width for plate settings or other larger items. Different varieties of Lucite® trays are often evaluated by marketing teams and placed in specific retail environments and contexts to help them reach the consumers who will want to buy them for any given use. This synthetic material promises to remain popular as manufacturers think about how to create storage products with longevity.


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