What is a Lounge Rocker?

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A lounge rocker is a piece of furniture designed to seat one person. It is a rocking chair in that is has four legs, the feet of which are attached to two curved blades on the right and left sides. As such, when a person sits in the chair, he or she can rock back and forth in a manner that many people find to be soothing. Unlike a traditional rocking chair, a lounge rocker does not have a high back that extends up to about the back of an adults head. Instead, it has a lower back that usually reaches about the middle of the back or bottom of the shoulder blades on an adult who is sitting in the chair.

Another difference between a lounge rocker and a traditional rocking chair is that a lounge rocker usually has cushions. The cushions may be just on the seat or also on the seat and back of the chair. It is most common, however, for a lounge rocker to have cushions on both the seat and back of the chair.

Whereas a traditional rocking chair is made of evenly-spaced slats of wood, a lounge rocker is almost always made of wicker. The patterns in the wicker vary according to the aesthetics of the furniture designer or manufacturer. It is common for these kinds of chairs to have woven patterns in the wicker.


It is common for a lounge rocker to be part of a furniture set in a summer home, beach home, or sun room. Some varieties are even designed to work well as outdoor furniture. As these chairs are regularly used to furnish spaces of summer leisure, they are usually colored in light tones and pastels. It is quite common for a lounge rocker to have a white, cream, or peach paint coloring the wicker with a matching floral pattern on the cushions.

Some companies that specialize in products for the outdoors and for camping sell a lounge rocker that can be used while sitting in front of a campfire or enjoying an outdoor concert. These rockers are usually made with light metal frames and synthetic cushions. They also sit lower to the ground than a traditional rocker. The light weight of the metal means that these chairs can be easily carried. Furthermore, they are often made in manner than allows them to fold up for easy transportation.


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