What Is a Lotion Warmer?

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A lotion warmer is an electronic device used to heat lotions and gels to a desired temperature. Such a device is purchased for personal use, but may also be used for massage and other therapeutic treatments. Among the various types of lotion warmer devices are those that heat and dispense lotions held inside a device’s chamber or those that merely heat a separate container filled with lotion.

Lotion warmers can be purchased from department stores, appliance stores or those specializing in health and beauty products. Many are also sold by online vendors and auction sites. Several warmer styles are featured for sale by multiple manufacturers. Whether used to heat the contents of a warmer’s chamber or used to heat separate bottles, lotion warmers are plugged into a wall socket, which prompts the device to heat lotion to a desired temperature. Most contain an on/off switch in addition to temperature controls.

Some of the most common uses for a lotion warmer include for personal care and to heat lotions, gels and oils used in body massage. Many people who live in cold weather conditions find comfort in warming lotions before applying them after bathing. Warmers are also helpful in cold climates for the purpose of keeping lotions and oils from spoiling or from becoming too hard to effectively use. Mothers and other caretakers also use warmers to create comfortable temperatures for lotions before applying them to an infant’s skin.


Masseuses use lotion warmers for clients as a way to offer a soothing application of oils, gels and lotions during a massage session. In addition to mats, pillows and linens, a massage lotion warmer is often standard equipment found among a masseuse’s regularly used supplies. As most lotions tend to be cool in comparison to a person’s normal body temperature, massage clients appreciate the extra care taken to warm oils and lotions prior to them being applied to the skin.

Spas and beauty salons commonly use warmers, as well. Warmed lotions, oils and gels are useful for facials and waxing procedures. Heated lotions are also sometimes applied to the skin during manicure and pedicure procedures.

A lotion warmer also has therapeutic functions and may be used during the course of an ultrasound. In fact, an ultrasound gel warmer is standard equipment used by ultrasound technicians working in private medical practices as well as hospitals. Such devices generally contain one or more units built into a device which enables it to hold and warm various bottles filled with gel commonly applied to the skin and used to help an ultrasound sensor glide more easily across a person’s skin. A lotion warmer may also be standard equipment in a chiropractor’s office.


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