What is a Long Term Mortgage?

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A mortgage is a long-term loan arranged through a bank, another lender, or the seller of a property. A long term mortgage is one that is extended beyond the life of a typical loan. A typical mortgage may be anywhere from 15-30 years in duration, while a long term mortgage may be stretched out to 40 or 50 years or more.

Most lenders prefer shorter mortgages rather than a long term mortgage. Considering the fact that many homes and buildings have already been around for several years, they certainly won't be in their prime after another 50 years go by. The value of the property may not be enough to secure the loan at that point.

Still, some lenders will allow a long term mortgage if a property is in excellent condition, if it has some historical significance, or if the borrower is an exceptionally good customer. Also, some investors use long term mortgages to keep the monthly payments low while they renovate a property, which they intend to sell as soon as possible once the work has been done. They have no intention of paying on that property for 40 or 50 years, and will pay off the mortgage once the property is sold.


Still others use a long term mortgage to build equity in a property. They make low monthly payments, renovate the property, and then rent it or lease it. Using the money paid by renters, they pay down the mortgage quickly, making direct payments on the principle. Before long they have equity built up in the property and can take out further loans using that property as collateral. Equity basically means the value of a property less the amount owed on it.

A long term mortgage can be a beneficial tool for investors and may be an advantageous proposition for the young person or family that is purchasing a first home, since spreading payments out over several more years keeps monthly payments low. The key is to use a long term mortgage to your advantage but to pay it off sooner rather than later. When you secure such a loan be sure to check with the lender and make sure there are no penalties, or at least that the penalties are minimal, if you decide to pay your long term mortgage off early.


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