What Is a Lollipop Fundraiser?

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A lollipop fundraiser involves selling candies to raise money for an organization or event. This can include offering lollipops at a set price, or handing them out in exchange for donations of any amount as a token of appreciation. Mass-produced lollipops tend to have a low cost per unit as well as a long shelf life, which can make them useful for fundraising purposes. In some cases, candy companies may be willing to make a donation or provide a discount on the price when their products are used for charitable causes.

Themed lollipops can be used to generate more interest in a lollipop fundraiser. These might include suckers in various shapes like basketballs for sports, or animals for a charity interested in animal welfare. Holiday-themed offerings may be available seasonally, including special flavors like pumpkin, cinnamon, and peppermint to appeal to people looking for holiday gifts who might contribute to a lollipop fundraiser. Organizations can also order custom versions printed with their names or slogans to remind donors of the contribution.


One approach to a lollipop fundraiser is to set up candies at a stand or booth and sell them for a preset price. This can be a common approach to school fundraisers, where sports teams and other groups might sell candy to other students and parents. Fundraising stations can also be established in the lobbies of charitable organizations or businesses that support them; a pet-friendly hotel, for example, might have a display of lollipops for a local animal shelter, with a box to collect proceeds.

Another option is to ask people for donations of any size, and hand out lollipops as thank you gifts. Asking people to set their own price can result in a bigger take with a lollipop fundraiser. A suggested minimum can be established to make sure the fundraisers at least break even on the event. Other gifts can be provided for donors who give more, creating an escalating series of donation gifts to encourage people to consider offering additional funds.

Using candies can tend to attract public interest. People may spot donors carrying lollipops and ask where they got them, generating referrals to the lollipop fundraiser. Likewise, young children may appeal to their parents with a request for a lollipop, increasing the funds raised by encouraging passerby to participate. Lollipops with an organization’s name printed on them can also be handed out to raise awareness of the organization’s work, and a small card could provide information about how to donate.


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