What is a Liposuction Garment?

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A liposuction garment is used after surgery in order to assist the body in the healing process. The garment helps to reduce swelling and also helps prevent infection at the incision site. It also helps to reduce tenderness in the surgery patient. The liposuction garment can also be combined with absorbent pads which trap blood and other fluids that drain from the wound. Trapping the fluids in the pads prevents them from staining on furniture and clothes.

Surgery is essentially the purposeful cutting into a patient. This process destroys blood vessels and the transport networks that provide cells with nutrients. It also damages the links that hold the skin tightly to the body. During the recovery period, all those processes need to be repaired.

When the body tries to repair these processes, healing liquids travel to the area, blood clots are removed, and the skin tightens to the body’s new figure. However, since many of the blood vessels were destroyed during surgery, the result is a buildup of fluid and waste products. A liposuction garment is used to help to drain the fluid from the area in order to allow the removal of waste and clear the area for more healing fluids.


A liposuction garment is an elastic body suit that gently puts pressure on the incision area. The pressure squeezes out the built-up liquid. How long the garment is worn after surgery depends on how quickly the individual patient heals. It also depends on how the incision was closed. If the surgeon closed the wound with stitches, the amount of time the liposuction garment needs to be worn will be longer than with open drainage techniques.

If the surgeon used an open drainage technique, the healing time is shortened. With open drainage, the liquid is able to be drained out of the wound. The body is, therefore, able to get more healing fluids down to the area and healing is sped up. A liposuction garment is generally worn for one day longer than the time it takes for the drainage to stop.

The garment has done much in aiding patients to heal faster after surgery. However, if improperly used, the garment can have some problems. If it is too tight then the excess pressure can prevent the body from working properly after the drainage has stopped. If the garment is too loose, the garment cannot function properly and may allow the buildup of fluids.


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