What is a Lip Exfoliator?

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Lip enhancement is possible through a variety of methods. To soften lips, a lip exfoliator may be used. Whether homemade, or bought in a store, a lip exfoliator can help soothe and smooth lips, ridding them of flakes and keeping them moist in appearance.

To soften each lip, manual exfoliation can be conducted through several means. A simple technique can be carried out with a single washcloth and petroleum jelly or lip balm. After applying the jelly or balm to dry or chapped lips, let it remain on the mouth for a few minutes. Wet the washcloth and rub the lips gently with it to help remove dull, dry flakes.

Many people use a body sugar scrub to help exfoliate their entire bodies. Most sugar scrubs can also be used, though very softly, as a lip exfoliant as well. Cautions on the product label should first be read prior to engaging in this method of exfoliation. To manually use regular table sugar in the same way, simply dab some white sugar onto the lips with a fingertip, smooth it over the mouth lightly, and rinse it off with water.


Brown sugar can also be used to soften lips. Mix a pinch of brown sugar with a bit of olive oil, then apply it to the lips and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Use a fingertip or wet a washcloth to gently rub the mixture back and forth over the lips. Rinse off the solution with water, and finish with a lip balm or moisturizing lip product.

Cheap exfoliation can be conducted through a product that most people already own: the toothbrush. To manually exfoliate the lips with a toothbrush, first ensure that its bristles are very soft. Gently rub the bristles against the lips. After the lips are smoothened, finish with an application of lip balm. Adding honey to this or nearly any other lip exfoliator can help soothe lips as well.

Several microexfoliating products designed just for lip use are also available on the market. These are often intended for nighttime application. People generally apply a lip exfoliator in the evening, and follow with a lip balm in the morning. Even when using an over-the-counter remedy, many packages still call for using a toothbrush or other method of home stimulation to help remove dry flakes of skin.

People who use a simple lip gloss may wish to exfoliate their lips in particular, as gloss can magnify the appearance of dry lips. People who refrain from using a lip stain, lip liner, or other lip products may also be especially interested in creating a softer mouth appearance. Lip exfoliation is generally considered safe for most adults.

When using a lip exfoliator, people should begin slowly. Lips can become irritated if rubbed too vigorously. A moisturizer, tinted or otherwise, should be used following each exfoliation treatment.


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Post 2

I like the exfoliator I have. I got it from Avon, I think. It's in a tube and you just rub it over your lips, like lipstick. You wait five minutes and rub it off with a wet washcloth. I always put a good lip balm on my lips after I exfoliate them and I've never had any problems.

I wouldn't do this more than once a week, and rarely more than twice a month. You can really mess up your lips by exfoliating all the time. Same rules as with your face. Don't do it more than about once a week. It can make your lips really red and ugly. I speak with the voice of personal experience.

Post 1

You have to be really careful when you start exfoliating the lips. My sister had some stuff that had the exfoliation cream and then balm for the lips after you applied it. I think I was allergic to something in either the cream or the lip balm. I would get dry, red lips after I used it. Sometimes, my lips would peel all over again.

Using a wet washcloth seems to be the best method for me. I'd rather do that than try another chemical, unless I tried brown sugar or something like that.

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