What is a Linear Chandelier?

Jessica F. Black

A linear chandelier is a series of light fixtures often linked by a vertical bar. The lights can sit on top of the vertical frame or hang from beneath. The chandelier is attached to the ceiling and adjusted for height, depending on the room that it is in and personal preference. For instance, a linear chandelier in a foyer is usually adjusted closer to the ceiling in order to illuminate the entire room as opposed to lighting a dining room, which is lowered over the table to focus on the eating area. There is an enormous variety of designs with different types of bulbs, shades and framework.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Small and sophisticated linear chandelier designs have fewer bulbs, which can be efficiently used to light small areas. A linear chandelier can also be large and extravagant, with more than 15 bulbs, to emphasize a room's grandeur. The bulb shades range from ornate and classical to modern-d├ęcor, which focuses on simplicity. The basic structure, whether small or large, is to provide optimum lighting with a focus on functionality.

The vertical bar offers a smooth appearance, and the different designs make the linear chandelier ideal for many homes. The length of the frame or bar varies depending on how many bulbs are incorporated into the design, and some can run the whole length of a room. There is a variety of finishes for the brackets and frame of the chandelier, and the finish can include brass, silver, iron, copper or various colors to coordinate with the room scheme.

There are many practical advantages to installing a linear chandelier. This modern chandelier lowers the electric bill by eliminating the number of individual lamps per room, and it increases the value of a home by adding elegant lighting. Most of the chandeliers come with a dimmer switch that allows the owner to control the atmosphere of the room from extremely bright to soft and cozy.

The price range is affordable, and replacement bulbs and shades are easy to locate online or in a local store that sells light fixtures. A professional should be consulted before one purchases and installs a linear chandelier. The height of the ceiling, the weight of the chandelier and the electrical layout of one's home must be evaluated before installation. The different bulbs are an additional advantage because most linear chandeliers are built to utilize energy-saving bulbs, which also lessens the monthly electric bill.

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