What is a Leg Lift?

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A leg lift is a specific kind of fitness training activity that promotes good muscle tone in the lower body and overall health in terms of fat burning, range of motion, and core strength. The classical leg lift involves lifting one or both legs off of the ground from a lying position. This is often part of a simple fitness routine that includes several "stations," or activities, for working various muscle groups.

A traditional lying leg lift actually works several muscle groups including the glutes. The fitness participant lies face up, then lifts both legs straight up without bending them at the knees. This activity can also strengthen the lower back.

A side leg lift often involves lying on one's side and raising one leg up into the air. This kind of leg lift also develops range of motion. It works several muscle groups, though generally only those on one side of the body.

In additional to conventional leg lifts, some new fitness tools are creating an entirely new class of leg lift exercises. One of these tools is the resistance band, which is a simple piece of elastic rubber or other material. The resistance band is engineered to provide a specific resistance challenge for muscle groups. Users can strap their legs into these resistance bands to get more muscle power out of a set of leg lifts.


Another type of leg lift is one that incorporates a foam roller. A foam roller is a fitness tool that is composed of a cylinder of elastic foam. The user lies on the foam roller while doing various exercises, and the roller moves against muscle tissue to provide resistance and tissue massage. In some of these exercises, the foam roller also creates a balance challenge that works the core and stabilizing muscles, and helps the body get better at righting itself.

Leg lifts are often part of a varied fitness schedule for keeping the whole body in good shape. They can also be prescribed by doctors for certain conditions. Some medical blogs and other resources show how leg lifts can be effective in fighting the accumulation of cellulite. Doctors may also recommend leg lifts for patients with some kinds of scar tissue, or with range of motion problems. Looking at before and after comparisons of those who participate in leg lift routines shows how these simple activities can help bring the body back into good shape and increase quality of life for some individual patients.


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