What is a Lawn Torch?

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A lawn torch is a decorative type of outdoor lighting. Usually set on a five to six foot long pole, it is typically a liquid fueled lantern with a cloth wick, most often used to illuminate an outdoor walkway, patio or garden party. Some use candles or gas fuel.

The lawn torch can be made of wood, often bamboo, so that it helps create a Polynesian theme. The wooden version is most often referred to as a tiki torch. These torches also come in metal varieties and are available in many colors, shapes and sizes.

When you decide to buy a lawn torch, there are several things to keep in mind: What type of fuel do you want to use? What material do you want your torches to be made of? What size torch works best for your yard? These are important questions for both the design and the layout of your torches, as well as to address possible safety issues.


Lawn torches are often fueled by gas, liquid fuel or candles. Candle powered torches burn at a lower temperature and are more likely to go out on their own if knocked over. All pose some fire hazard, but candle torches might be a good option if pets or children will be present. Gas torches provide more heat and light, so they are a good choice if heating an outdoor patio or garden is an added benefit you wish to include. Liquid fuel torches fall into a middle ground between the other two types.

The material of your lawn torch is primarily a question of taste, although it also plays a price in cost and safety. A metal torch is more sturdy than a wooden or plastic model, but it also tends to cost more. Wooden torches offer a more tropical feel, but they are more likely to splinter or split if left outside for long periods of time.

Finally, lawn torches come in a variety of sizes. A tall one can be planted directly into the soil, or it may come with a stand so that it can be used on concrete. These torches provide light over a wider area, but they are also more likely to be tipped over. Smaller torches can be attached to walls or fences or placed on tables. Not only are these torches less likely to fall over due to jostling or wind, but they can often be moved more easily as well, allowing the light to follow the party across the yard.


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