What is a Lawn Spreader?


A lawn spreader is a device that distributes and spreads fertilizer, grass seed or lawn feed over a lawn. It helps ensure even distribution and minimal waste, ultimately helping to create a healthy and attractive lawn. Another benefit to using a lawn spreader is that they are much faster and safer than doing the same task by hand because there is less chance of fertilizer landing on plants or sidewalks.

Fertilizer is distributed with a lawn spreader.
Fertilizer is distributed with a lawn spreader.

There are two basic types of spreader — the drop and the centrifugal. The size, shape and layout of a lawn will be the main factor in determining which of these will work the best.

A drop spreader is basically a large bucket, or container, on wheels. The fertilizer or seed is poured into the bucket and falls out when the bucket is wheeled across the grass. This type of spreader is ideal for smaller lawns, or when more control over the process is needed. Additionally, a drop spreader is an easier option when navigating around rocks, gardens, or ponds.

A centrifugal lawn spreader, also known as a broadcast spreader, releases the seed or fertilizer from a container, but it also disperses the material across a wider area by shooting it outwards, sometimes over a distance of 8 yards (2.7 meters). This type of lawn spreader will cover a larger area, but it does make it more difficult to ensure an even distribution. It can also be difficult to accurately put the material at the edge of the lawn without it landing on the path, although some centrifugal spreaders solve this problem by coming with a side deflector.

Most lawn spreaders will need to be calibrated before use; it’s a fairly straightforward process that only has to be completed once for each product that is used, as long as the measurement is noted. Operating the spreader at a steady pace will help ensure even coverage. Depending on the material being used in the spreader, protective clothing may be necessary.

Another spreader option is the handheld lawn spreader. This type of spreader is ideal for gardeners who only have a small area of lawn, or for those who don’t have a lot of storage space. The fertilizer or seed is usually released by turning a handle. The end result is the same — a healthy and attractive lawn.

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