What is a Lawn Edger?

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A lawn edger is a device or gardening tool designed for use in keeping the edges and borders of a lawn or outdoor area clean and tidy. These tools can come in a number of different forms, from electric or gas-powered devices to manual trimmers. A lawn edger is typically designed with a long handle to allow a person to comfortably use the trimmer without repeatedly bending down.

Also called a grass edger or yard edger, a lawn edger is a landscaping tool used to trim grass, bushes, and other forms of growth to create straight lines that define the border of a lawn. These devices are not typically effective for cutting large areas of grass or lawn, such as what a lawn mower would be used for, and can be designed in a number of different ways. The most common types of lawn edger are either powered devices or manual tools.


A powered lawn edger is a device that allows a person to easily trim edges of yards or gardens with little physical effort. These devices typically run on either gasoline or electrical power, and electrical models can connect to a power outlet through a long cord or may have a rechargeable battery. In either design, the powered lawn edger will typically function by spinning a device located at the end of a long handle. This device has a short length of stiff wire or cord connected to it, and this quickly spinning cord acts as a blade that cuts grass and other plant matter.

Unlike powered edgers, a manual lawn edger is typically designed similar to gardening shears with very long handles. These tools typically use two blades, and one or both blades are connected to two long handles, allowing the user to trim grass without bending down. The blades are often set at an angle to cut horizontally, though the handles extend vertically. Manual edgers with both blades connected to the handles cut like shears or scissors; edgers with only one blade connected to the handles have a fixed blade, while the other blade moves when pressed against the ground to bring the blades together and cut.

A lawn edger is typically designed with a long handle to make it easier to use from a comfortable standing position. Gardening shears can also be used in place of an edger if necessary, though this typically requires sitting or kneeling. This can be sufficient for small areas of a yard, but larger landscaping can be quite strenuous without an edger.


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