What is a Laser Clinic?

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A laser clinic is a facility capable of doing a wide array of cosmetic treatments through the use of a laser. A laser center may advertise itself as a spa or laser clinic and offer other services depending on the characterization. Due to the fact that laser treatment is a medical procedure, potential patients of such establishments should perform due diligence on the facility and staff. Costs vary based on the reputation of the business and the type of procedure being done.

The typical laser clinic or medical spa operates under the guidance of a licensed physician. They treat facial conditions such as spotting, dark circles, and wrinkles. Such businesses typically also perform hair removal procedures.

A laser clinic uses laser treatment to address all of the aforementioned conditions. Laser therapy works by causing a chemical reaction in the skin after it is subjected to direct radiation light beams. If the patient is having the procedure done at a clinic, he or she may find that the atmosphere resembles that of a doctor’s office. Patients going to medical spas may encounter a more relaxed ambiance reminiscent of a massage parlor or resort. Medical spas may also offer other treatments and procedures as well.


While relatively safe, laser treatments performed by poorly trained professionals or in unhygienic areas can pose a serious health risk to the patient. Consequently, thoroughly evaluating a laser clinic is very important. Having knowledge of state and local regulations regarding the operation of laser centers is very important.

When evaluating these clinics, a patient should first ensure that a licensed medical practitioner familiar with the use of lasers is on the staff. Secondly, the member of the clinic staff performing such procedures should have experience using such lasers. Third, the type of laser equipment used should be up to date and state-of-the-art. Finally, the clinic should be candid about the results it will provide the patient. The staff should be more focused on informing the patient about the procedure and less concerned with selling it.

The prices of the services of a laser clinic vary. If the clinic uses recent technology and employs highly certified practitioners, the price will be higher. Also, certain procedures may require longer sessions or be more complex and therefore will cost more. Medical spas provide extra amenities and comforts that may be factored into the total costs of some procedures.


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