What Is a Lamb Kabob?

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A lamb kabob features small cuts of lamb skewered and cooked along with assorted chunks of fruits and vegetables. For added flavor and moisture, lamb is typically marinated for several hours or overnight before being cooked. Although it is typically grilled, a lamb kabob can also be baked or broiled. A variety of sauces can be served with kabobs, including mint sauce and tzatziki sauce.

Meat for a lamb kabob can be cut from assorted areas, including the leg and loin. The meat should be trimmed of fat and cut into small cubes. The cubes should be consistently sized so that they cook evenly. Lean ground lamb can also be used to make a lamb kabob. The ground meat is seasoned with onions, cilantro and mint, formed into sausage shapes on the skewers and refrigerated until ready for the grill.

Lamb is a common ingredient in many Greek dishes. Greek lamb kabobs are marinated in lemon juice, oregano and olive oil. Cubes of lean lamb are placed on wood or metal skewers, alternately with cherry tomatoes, green pepper and onion. Wood skewers should be soaked in water for at least an hour before being used. As the kabobs are grilled, they are basted with the remaining marinade.


Another option for a Greek lamb kabob is to serve it with tzatziki sauce. The sauce is made with Greek strained yogurt, cucumber and hot sauce. The sauce is drizzled on a cooked lamb kabob just before it is served.

Summer lamb kabobs feature cubed lamb marinated in Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar and olive oil. The lamb chunks are alternated with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and pineapple chunks. As the lamb-filled skewers are grilled, they are coated with a basting sauce made from pineapple and cherry juice.

Moroccan lamb kabobs are made with ground lamb, goat cheese and raisins. The meat is also seasoned with cayenne pepper, cumin and cilantro. They are cooked on a lightly oiled grill grate at high heat.

Mint is often paired with a lamb kabob because of its flavorful appeal. A lamb kabob can be topped with mint pesto, which is made with fresh mint leaves, honey and white wine vinegar. Minted lamb kabobs feature a mint marinade made from olive oil, finely chopped fresh mint and white wine vinegar. For enhanced mint flavor, they are served with mint sauce that is made from fresh mint leaves, fresh basil leaves and capers.


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Post 3

Reading this article has given me some great insight on Greek dishes. Unfortunately though, if you happen to be an American, unless you explore or go out to eat a lot, lamb may be one of the more foreign dishes, which is completely understandable. However, if you want to give some of these dishes a go, my solution to you would be to find some authentic Greek restaurants near you. Bail's Greek Dining would be a very good start.

Post 2

Does anyone know the best place to buy a lam kabob, or just a whole lamb? I'm trying to find the cheapest I can find, as it can be pretty expensive. The next time I go to the store though, I will see what I can find. On another note, this article gives some great recipes and tips on how to prepare the kabob.

Post 1

Though I'm not Greek, just an observation, but has anyone noticed

that most lamb products are served with a white yogurt sauce of sorts? For example, gyros are made from lamb as well. Whenever I order it at a restaurant, it's always served with a creamy sauce. However, even if you're not Greek, lamb (and its respective dipping sauce) are something that everyone can enjoy.

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