What is a Knitting Loom?

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A knitting loom is a frame or machine that is used by a crafter to interweave yarn or threads of wool into a pattern. A person who engages in this craft is sometimes known as a weaver. The craft of knitting is typically viewed as wool being worked by a weaver using needles to create items such as clothing, blankets or scarves and hats, for example. The art of knitting can be done today using a variety of different tools, such as a knitting loom, to produce the same result as knitting with needles.

Looms originated in the Middle Ages for the purpose of making clothing and other necessary household accessories. The basic techniques of knitting have not varied much since this time. What has changed is the availability of different patterns, materials, colors and tools that allow for more versatility in the end product.

Knitting is an art that can be done by needle, a knitting board or a loom. When it comes to a knitting loom, the pegs on the loom act as the knitting needles. When knitting by hand, the needles are manipulated by the weaver to create a pattern. In the same way, the pegs on the knitting loom are used create a pattern. Regardless of the tools used to create the piece, the craft and the creativity of the pattern and the design depends greatly on the skill of the weaver.


Knitting looms come in a variety of different shapes, styles and sizes. All looms are made of several rows of single or double pegs placed inside of a frame. The looms are named based on the size and shape of the pegs that are used. The size and shape of the pegs, how far apart they are from each other, the thickness of the wool and the type of knitting loom, together with the skill of the weaver, determine the size of the knitted stitches and the design of the pattern.

A weaver will use a selection of colors and thicknesses of wool to create different styles and patterns of finished products. The different patterns can be made by wrapping the pegs of the loom with wool, one by one, to create the chosen pattern. The patterns can then be joined together to create a knitted product.

The knitting loom is thought to have reignited the art of knitting because it makes the craft simpler for people who have difficulty manipulating traditional knitting needles. Knitting looms allow for the same creativity in knitting, but are easier to use. Due to the size and versatility of the looms, many users find that knitting on looms is not as hard on their hands or their eyes, which in turn is what makes knitting looms more preferable to some knitters.


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