What is a Knitting Community?

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A knitting community is a collection of individuals who gather regularly either online or in person to share their knitting knowledge and work on knitting projects together. Also known as a knitting club or knitting circle, a knitting community usually meets regularly to share knitting tips, patterns and techniques. This is a great place for beginners to learn how to knit or for advanced knitters to share their experience with others. While knitting communities are primarily a place for like-minded individuals to get together and share knitting knowledge, they can also be social groups or knit for charity. Being a part of a knitting club can provide valuable social interaction with others of similar interests in a fun, non-stressful environment.

For people who are beginning knitters, the knowledge in a knitting community can be invaluable. Many knitting clubs have different gatherings where they focus on one type of project or technique. New knitters can go to beginner’s meetings and ask questions of more experienced members or share tips with other beginners. Even advanced knitters can benefit from a knitting circle by learning about where to get the best knitting supplies, knitting yarn, books or accessories. Many knitting circles also meet at yarn shops where knitters can browse yarn or buy new knitting needles. Yarn shops are also good places to find out about local knitting circles and meet ups.


Knitters who have never joined a knitting community might be confused about what to bring with them to a meeting. To attend a knitting community get together, the knitter should bring a knitting bag with yarn, straight knitting needles, circular knitting needles, patterns, or any other items needed for the current knitting project. Many yarn shops carry bags specially designed to hold knitting needles, yarn, and supplies, but a large tote bag can work just as well.

For knitters who don’t live in a metropolitan area with a knitting community, there are many places for them to share knowledge and techniques on the Internet. Some knitting websites are great sources of knitting expertise that have step by step tutorials for knitting projects and techniques or videos that demonstrate techniques. Other online knitting communities require users to create a user name and password to join the community. Once users have joined, they can post tutorials, comment on others' work, download knitting patterns or post pictures of their completed work.


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