What is a Knitting Bag?

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A knitting bag can be any carrier with some type of handle used to hold knitted work in progress as well as supplies such as extra needles. Some knitters use an old tote bag to store or carry their craft items. There are also many knitting bag options sold in yarn and craft stores.

The two main kinds of knitting bags created for holding yarn craft projects are the folding, open-topped type and the tote style. Knitting tote bags may be soft or hard-sided; most of them fasten at the top. In addition to the main carrying section to accommodate the knitting project with its needles, many tote-style knitter's bags have compartments made to hold scissors and patterns as well as an extra needle collection. A knitting tote is made for travel, while folding bags are designed for at-home crafting.

Folding knitting bags usually have a wood frame that's joined together near the bottom. The metal or wood joint is typically located where the frame folds. Inside the frame is a cloth rectangular sack that is often open at the top for yarn and needles to show. This type of knitting bag is handy to have beside a chair because its open access allows for easy handling and restoring of the project. The cloth section of folding knitting project bags is usually quite decorative in color and/or pattern, so the knitter can choose an indoor bag to fit in with a room's style.


Any type of knitting bag should have enough space to hold the size of the project. A knitter who works on afghan blankets will need a much larger carrier than one who makes dish cloths. Miniature knitting bags or a tote that doubles as a purse may be used to transport smaller projects. Advanced as well as beginner knitters use bags to hold their supplies. Some knitters prefer a backpack rather than a bag with handles to carry their projects, needles, patterns and scissors.

Some people who love to craft with yarn make their own knitting bag. These knitters can use up scrap yarns as well as create a custom carrier in the size they need with the types of pockets or compartments designed specifically to hold their supplies. A knitting bag can be brought along on day trips and vacations as well as to crafting retreats or workshops. Some knitters like to have their project bag when waiting at a doctor's office.


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Post 10

My yarn stash is currently living in a pair of large, foldable mesh storage bins, sort of like laundry hampers, but a more square shape. That's usually where I store large products too, like sweaters or blankets or thick scarves.

I needed something smaller for things like hats and shawls, since those are the projects I typically take with me when I travel or if I think I'll have a spare moment.

Right now I am just using a small satchel purse- if I only have one project at a time, that's enough. There are lots of small bags like that on the market at knitting sites, though, and I am thinking of treating myself to one sometime.

Post 9

@Lisalou- I was thinking about getting a new knit bag. I also looked at Namaste, though I don't know what I will buy. Specific knitting bag brands can be sort of expensive, so for now I might just stick to using tote bags I already have.

Post 8

I felt like my yarn was scattered all over the place, and needed some kind of bag or tote to keep one project in.

I bought a round knitting bag with a handle at the top. This holds eight skeins of yarn. My favorite part about this bag is the two holes at the top where you can string the yarn through.

This keeps the yarn from getting tangled and rolling all over the place when I am working. My bag also came with a small pouch to hold my hooks, needles, scissors, etc.

It is nice to have everything in one place so when I sit down to work, I know that I have everything I need. It is also very portable and is easy to take with me if I am meeting with my knitting club or going on a trip.

Post 7

Since I like to carry my smaller knitting projects with me I needed some bags to help keep me organized.

I ordered some lovely pink, mesh Namaste knitting bags. I have three different sizes of bags and they are very roomy.

I like having the mesh material because it is easy to see what is inside the bag instead of digging around trying to find something.

The only thing I don't like about them is that they don't have carrying handles on them. The top of the bags snap shut, but there are no handles on them. Sometimes this can be kind of hassle if there are several things I want to carry at one time.

Post 6

@JessicaLynn - I've seen some of those designer knitting bags online. They look great, but they sure are pricey! I can't imagine ever having enough money to blow a hundred dollars or more on a knitting bag.

I just use a plain tote I bought at my local grocery store to carry my knitting projects around. I bought a small clear makeup bag for all of my supplies and notions. My solutions works just fine and it cost me under twenty-five dollars.

Post 5

I have a tote bag style knitting bag. Actually, it looks more like a big purse-it's very stylish.I've actually had non-knitters ask me where I bought it because they thought it was just a regular purse and wanted to get one of their own!

I bought it online from a well known knitting bag and pattern designer. It has a bunch of compartments for my various knitting supplies and it's just them right size to hold a sweater in progress. I think since the designer is a knitter herself she was able to get it exactly right.

Post 4

Gosh, I really need to get a knitting bag. I love to knit and have been doing it for years but have always just kind of kept my supplies lying around. There are now knitting needles in almost every room in the house, yarn of every color unspooled all over the place and knitting books and patterns everywhere.

In fact, I probably need about 10 knitting bags to collect all this stuff together. I just had an epiphany, maybe I will nit my own knitting bag. Another project to leave lying around!

Post 3

I ride the bus to work every morning and it is about a 45 minute commute. For a long time I read on the bus but one day I started to feel kind of nauseous. I got into knitting instead as a way to pass the time.

I got a small and compact knitting bag that I can keep inside of another bag that I carry. It only has the essentials and I only carry enough yarn for the hour or so that I am able to work. It works out pretty well and I have yet to poke someone with a needle or let a ball of yarn go rolling down the aisle.

Post 2

I actually have two different bags for my knitting projects. The first one is a smaller knitting needle bag, which almost looks like a long pencil case. The second I use is a felted knitting bag, which I chose because it seemed extra durable and it was really cute.

The two bags are actually part of a set and the smaller knitting need bag attaches to the larger knitting bag. I usually carry a pattern or two with me and some yarn in the larger portion. Of course, nothing beats the allocated space for my extra sharp scissors. The compartment for scissors actually has a covered tip so that I don't poke myself whenever I am rummaging through the bag.

Post 1

I took up knitting a few months ago because I needed something to do with my hands when I was lazing around watching TV. The first thing I went to look for was a knitting bag and all the supplies I could need, as I was dead set on getting into knitting.

I ended up buying a knitting tote bag from my local knitting store. It is fantastic because it has so many little compartments outside, and a padded area to store the knitting needles. I also like how it came with wraps to put around my yarn so they would hold their bundled shapes.

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