What is a Kitchen Cabinet Lazy Susan?

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The kitchen cabinet lazy susan is a must have for people who love to cook or bake. It places all your spices, condiments and baking supplies within easy reach, without taking up counter space. The lazy susan cabinet is built in with the rest of your cabinetry, giving your kitchen a clutter-free appearance. There are several styles of kitchen cabinet lazy susans which include the D-shaped, full round, half-round, kidney, pie-cut and blind corner susans.

The D-shaped kitchen cabinet lazy susan is designed to be used in regular and corner cabinets with a with a 45 degree angle door. The diameter of the D-shaped susan ranges from 20 to 32 inches (50.8 cm to 81.28 cm) so it can fit a large variety of cabinet depths. This variety of lazy susan is sold in either polymer, wood or wire materials with either two, three or five shelves.

The full round kitchen cabinet lazy susan is one of the most versatile lazy susans, as it fits in regular, diagonal or corner cabinets, either in the lower or upper position. This type of lazy susan comes in diameters ranging from 16 to 32 inches (40.64 cm to 81.28 cm), so it fits most size cabinets. The full round lazy susan is sold in either polymer, wire or wood, with dependent, or independently, rotating shelves.


Half round kitchen cabinet lazy susans are used in blind corner cabinets. They make use of the space that would normally be inaccessible. When installed, this lazy susan pivots around and brings items that are located in the back of the cabinet towards the front. The half round lazy susan fits cabinets with door openings from 12 to 19.5 inches (30.48 cm to 49.53 cm).

Kidney shaped lazy susans are installed in cabinets with unattached double folding doors. The shelves on this style lazy susan turn independently of each other, making all the items fully accessible. Kidney shaped lazy susans are available in one, three and five shelf models.

The pie-cut kitchen cabinet lazy susan is secured directly to the cabinet door when it is manufactured. This gives it a custom fit, making every inch of space fully accessible. This model of lazy susan is sold with either one or two shelves in wood, wire or polymer material.

The blind corner kitchen cabinet lazy susan is sold to make use of space that is otherwise inaccessible. It has pull-out shelves that activate when a person opens the door or pulls on a lever. The shelves bring your supplies from the back of the cabinet, to the front.


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Post 7

@JaneAir - Renting stinks sometimes! I definitely wouldn't be building anything into a place I was just renting out either.

However, there is a solution to your problem. You can buy a lazy susan on a smaller scale. They sell lazy susans that are only one level- some of them are about the size of a dinner plate. They aren't built in to your cabinets, but you can place them in your cabinets and use them for storing spices and stuff.

I have one of these in my spice cabinet, and I must say, I love it! I can just spin it around and get access to all of my spices. And no building required!

Post 6

My mother has a kitchen cabinet lazy susan in one of her corner cabinets. She keeps all her kitchen pantry stuff like rice, crackers, and canned stuff in there. I always feel a little bit envious when I see her lazy susan.

I live in an apartment that most definitely did not come with anything as cool as a lazy susan. And I'm pretty sure I couldn't just build one in. Well, I could, but I'm sure I'd be paying for it out of my security deposit when I moved out. Also, I'm not willing to invest that much effort into a rental! So I guess I'll just be lazy susan free for now.

Post 5

@Tomislav - We didn’t have enough room in the kitchen cabinets at our old house either, but I must say I can’t blame it on my husband, this time it was me and all of my baking spices.

So here’s what I did to fix the problem – I put together about a five foot tall stand alone cabinet with french doors (so that the doors did not swing too wide into the kitchen where space is prime realty) and it works pretty well as far as storage goes, but one of the things I did not think about when I bought it - is that the shelves are not deep enough for a lazy susan!

Luckily I have found that

you can buy some pull out kitchen shelves that allowed you to pull one row at a time so you can see the spices easily and conveniently.

But I must say, it may be the kid in me, but I still prefer the spinning action of the lazy susan - its just more fun.

Post 4

@SailorJerry - My grandmother's house had the corner cabinet that was a full lazy susan and just like you said it was three-fourths of a circle so that it could make the corner without it sticking out.

When I was a kid, I thought that cabinet was the coolest thing. I mean none of the cabinets at our house spun like the lazy susan cabinet!

Now that I have my own kitchen I just wished I had one secondary to the convenience of it. When my husband and I moved in to our now house, we did not have enough storage space in our cabinets for my husband's "collection" of spices (he even has about 6 different salts!).

Post 3

I have trouble picturing all the arrangements that the article is describing, but I have a kitchen corner cabinet lazy Susan that I just love. It's in the corner, obviously, so it is larger than a half-circle; it's three-quarters of a circle. The whole cabinet spins around.

The shelves are rather narrow, so it lends itself to storing canned goods and smaller baking supplies (i.e., not whole canisters of flour, but things like jars of baking powder or small canisters of cornmeal).

Post 2

I like have lazy susan cabinets for several reasons, but my favorite is to store all of my spices.

Before I had a lazy susan, it would take me forever to rummage through my spices to find what I needed.

With a lazy susan, I have them arranged alphabetically, but I just spin the shelf around and quickly find the spices I need.

I think lazy susans for kitchen cabinets are a 'must have' for every kitchen. I also have a small lazy susan that sits in the center of my table where I keep the salt, pepper and napkins.

Once you get used to having this type of cabinet it keeps you more organized and would be hard to go back to traditional cupboard shelves.

Post 1

I have a kitchen cabinet corner lazy susan in two corners of my kitchen. Each cabinet has two round shelves that spin around.

These lazy susan shelves make such a big difference. It is so much easier to spin the shelf around to find what you need - especially in a corner area.

This also gives you more space as you can use all of the shelf and not just the space at the front.

I store my pots and pans in one of these cabinets. It is very quick and easy to find the pan I need. I don't have to dig through clear to the back of the shelf to get the right one.

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