What Is a King Bedroom Suite?

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A king bedroom suite is a collection of matching bedroom furniture with a king sized bed as the focal point. Bedroom décor, even in matching furniture collections, varies to fit a plethora of personalities, preferences, room sizes, geographic locations, ages, and cultural practices. As such, what exactly constitutes a king bedroom suite can encompass many possibilities. When offered for sale, bedroom suites of all sizes and types are simply classified by the number of pieces in the suite and the size of the bed.

Since each consumer and market is different, furniture designers, manufacturers, and retailers offer a near endless selection, with thousands of options, from single pieces to sets with any number of pieces. Each style or line of furniture produced might further expand the options available by offering unique pieces, alternate groupings, or other ways for consumers to customize a king bedroom suite. With so many options and variations, it is impossible to define what a standard king bedroom suite is beyond a king sized bed and any number of additional matching furniture pieces.


Although there are no universally accepted standards, consumers typically expect a king bedroom suite to include certain items. Naturally, a king sized bed frame is the central piece. Frames can include a headboard or both a head and footboard, but generally do not include the mattress and foundation. Buyers usually must purchase these separately, as each individual has different needs and preferences for sleep surfaces. Retailers advertising a king bedroom suite by number of pieces, such as four or five-piece sets, will often count each piece of the bed frame in the set's total piece count.

In addition to the bed frame, most king bedroom suite options also include a dresser or chest of drawers for storing clothes. Some sets offer both a tall dresser and a shorter chest of drawers or some other variation of storage drawers. Mirrors, whether mounted on the dresser or hung from the wall, are also commonly included. Nightstands or other small bedside tables are sometimes considered standard, even in basic king bedroom suites.

Larger, more expensive king bedroom suite choices offer more standard pieces. For example, larger sets might offer two nightstands rather than one or additional under the bed storage. Optional complimentary pieces can be added to further extend a standard king bedroom suite. Armoires, vanities, and other specialty pieces may be included with some suites or treated as optional add-on pieces with others.


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