What is a Kids' Cooking Party?

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A kids' cooking party is a theme party in which the children prepare, cook, or at least assemble food as the party's main activity. After the food is prepared, they are usually allowed to eat it as part of the fun. For example, children at a kids' cooking party may assemble and cook their own pizzas, or they may create their own ice cream sundaes. Children can prepare a wide range of foods during this type of party, but finger foods and common childhood favorites are among the most popular choices.

Kids' cooking parties can be fun for a number of reasons. For example, many children do not have the opportunity to cook on a frequent basis. As such, they may be pleased to get the chance to do a normally grown-up activity with their friends. Part of the appeal of this type of party is that the children in attendances get the chance to prepare food their way. For example, they may get to decide which ingredients they use in preparing their meal or desert. As such, they can enjoy eating something that is prepared to suit their exact tastes.


Children may also enjoy the fact that preparing food at a kids' cooking party is a hands-on activity. They can dig in and get their hands messy. For example, they may have the opportunity to work with kneading dough or using a rolling pin to prepare cookies. They may also enjoy experimenting with mixing different flavors. For example, a child may mix different flavors when preparing an ice cream dessert or smoothie.

In addition to the cooking activity, some parents add other food-related activities to the party entertainment. For example, a parent may supply cooking aprons for the children to decorate and wear during the cooking activity. In such a case, the children are usually allowed to take their aprons home with them to use later. Other activity ideas include decorating chef hats and making fancy recipe cards, menus, or even small cookbooks. Additionally, parents may provide child-sized cooking tools and accessories as party favors, stuffing goody bags with such things as small rolling pins, cookie cutters, muffin liners, and edible cupcake decorations.

It's important to note that continuous adult supervision is essential during a kids' cooking party. Though children may love preparing food independently, adult help is needed when operating stoves and ovens as well as when working with blenders, sharp utensils, and hot liquids. This is true even when children are used to operating cooking appliances on their own, as accidents can happen during the natural excitement that is a part of most parties. Additionally, parents may do well to learn whether any of the children who will attend the party have food allergies and plan the menu accordingly.


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Post 2

Kids absolutely love cooking parties where they can be involved from beginning to end.

At a recent birthday party for a tween girl whose big sister was getting married, all the girls got to bake little cakes that looked like bridesmaid dresses.

Even the bride-to-be got in on the decorating and each little cake came out looking like a beautiful dress. Every cake was unique because the party host made sure to have a variety of decorating tools and icing colors for the guests.

Each guest got to take home party favors; a picture of her little cake, a tube of icing and her own little cake pan.

Post 1

Prior to a child's cooking party the parent host should go to the market and buy all the items necessary. Kids do not do well when they are ready to cook and find ingredients missing.

There are a variety of kids' cookbooks with cool recipes that you don't see everyday. Kids love food that is easy to roll up, recipes that are simple to grill, and desserts that make everyone happy with their flavor, style and cool tips for a delicious finale.

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