What is a Kiddie Park?

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A kiddie park is an amusement park for younger children. Some kiddie parks advertise as being for children 12 and under, or six and under, while many just stipulate that the rides are for those 50 inches (1.27 m) or shorter. Parents are usually permitted to accompany very young children on rides such as flying helicopters. A kiddie park often has most of the classic rides found in a regular amusement park — they're just scaled down to size to suit young children. Many kiddie parks have been around for decades and parents who take their children there may remember when they went to the same kiddie park as a child.

Roller coasters are often a popular feature in a kiddie park as younger children aren't usually permitted to ride roller coasters in regular amusement parks. Kiddie roller coasters are usually still thrilling for children, but are better suited to their size and age group. Ferris wheels are also usually smaller and more child-friendly than the regular ones. Kiddie park carousels are usually the same as those found at regular amusement parks.


Some kiddie parks have miniature golf and other attractions besides rides. There may be a petting zoo and/or a miniature train that circles the park. A kiddie park can be a fun place for a children's birthday party. Most kiddie parks don't allow outside food for parties other that a birthday cake and ice cream though, as they usually sell food such as hot dogs there.

Kiddie cars, or bumper cars, are popular rides at kiddie parks. Some kiddie car rides are individual cars that run along a track. Boat rides in water-filled tracks are also usually a part of a kiddie park. The boats may be large enough to hold several children.

Most kiddie parks sell tickets or books of tickets, for the rides and/or offer an unlimited ride pass for the day. It's best to think of the age of your child and how long you're likely to spend at the park when deciding on which ticket or ride pass option to choose. Once you've visited the Park with your child once, you'll have a better idea of your needs. Some kiddie parks have rides for children as young as one year of age.


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@Sporkasia - Some of the larger amusement parks do a good job of providing activities for people of all ages. One of the convenient aspects of the amusement park near my home is that you can take the entire family and the grandparents to the park and there is something for everyone to do.

There was this one roller coaster ride in the kids' section of the park that was actually fun for both kids and adults. I really like a place where the entire family has something to do and I don't have to listen to my teenagers complaining about how lame the park is and I don't have to listen to the younger children complain about the rides being too scary for them.

Post 1

Whenever I took my children to amusement parks when they were younger, their biggest complaint was that they could not ride any of the good rides. The amusement parks we went to had special areas and rides for younger kids, but there were few choices and the rides were too simple and no fun according to my children.

A kiddie park sounds like the perfect solution to the problems parents have with young children at adult theme parks that don't cater to children in any significant way.

I can't tell you how happy I was when all of my children were finally old enough and tall enough to ride all of the rides at the larger amusement parks.

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