What is a Job Management System?

M. McGee

A job management system is a method of organizing and focusing a workforce. These systems are generally computer-based and can cover a wide range of different business applications. In most circumstances, these programs are modular so a specific business can purchase only the modules they need. This helps keep the price for the overall program low, as the cost for the system is spread out over multiple parts. A job management system is also a computing term that refers to a method of scheduling internal computer tasks.

One of the most common varieties of job management system is automated payroll systems.
One of the most common varieties of job management system is automated payroll systems.

The majority of job management systems focus on two areas; organization and application. An organization system usually works on automation. The more basic accounting and record-keeping tasks that the system can automate, the more time it frees up for workers to do other things. In addition, these automated tasks are error-free and easy to store, leaving the business with a simple long-term record storage solution.

An application-based job management system is often more complex. These applications work on focusing the workforce in a constructive and efficient way. One of the most common methods used by these programs is scheduling. The information relating to a process is fed into the system and it schedules the arrival of supplies, the placement of personnel and timeframe of the project.

One of the most common varieties of job management system is automated payroll systems. These systems tie in with worker-schedule systems, such as time clocks or manually-entered data. They find the total number of hours, accumulated benefits and taxes for a worker, then print out a paycheck. A human operator may need to enter the hours worked for the employee, but with that exception, these are typically completely automated systems.

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Many of these systems relate to the human resources department of a company, particularly the organization-focused modules. Payroll, training and benefits-monitoring systems are very common. In addition, many of the systems help with job application organization and active recruiting processes, all so the department can quickly find potential workers.

These systems are often modular. A business purchases the basic program that contains only the simplest functionality. It then purchases additional modules that apply directly to that business’s needs. For instance, the business may need a payroll and training system, but have no need for a supply delivery monitor. This keeps the program focused and easier for the employees to use.

A job management system is also a system used by computers. These internal programs organize and prioritize the processes on the computer. They allow important tasks to finish quickly so the computer works faster.

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