What is a Hypertension Program?

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A hypertension program is a specially designed program to help patients maintain a healthy blood pressure. The hypertension program is also meant to bring awareness to the public and patients about how lifestyle changes can lower blood pressure. These programs also provide crucial education to participants regarding medications, diet, and exercise.

An essential aspect of a hypertension program is to help the patient recognize symptoms of high blood pressure as well as hypertension side effects. The program will typically involve regular sessions or classes. Many of these programs will be taught and supervised by a medical adviser, and typically will have trained counselors on hand to address important questions.

Self-help and daily management advice is a fundamental aspect of the hypertension program. Many first-time patients may not be familiar with how to take blood pressure readings. The hypertension program instructor may offer instructions on how to measure one's blood pressure. He may also demonstrate the proper technique with a student volunteer. Another essential aspect may focus on what is considered to be a healthy blood pressure reading, and what levels are considered high.


In a hypertension program, the counselor may inform his students of dangers that are associated with hypertension. Some of the risk factors that may be outlined typically include smoking, obesity, and lack of exercise. The instructor may offer solutions to such issues and help the patients achieve their goals. Patients may be taught effective ways to quit smoking. In conjunction with the hypertension program, a smoking cessation course may be offered.

Diet and exercise plays a key role in hypertension, and in a hypertension program the emphasis may be on how to maintain a healthy weight. A nutritionist may offer tips and advice for better nutrition. Aerobic classes may be offered as well as other exercise programs.

It is typical to begin each session with a blood pressure screening and a weigh-in. A log of one's success in weight loss may be kept. In certain cases, a program may offer prizes for accomplishments to motivate the patients.

Some employers sponsor hypertension programs for their workers. This is designed to be an incentive for employees to pursue a path to better health. Programs such as these are sponsored by the company and all employees may qualify to participate.


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