What is a Hydrotherapy Clinic?

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A hydrotherapy clinic is a facility that offers treatments that utilizes water for medical or healing purposes. This may consist of steam baths, mineral baths, or saunas. Foot baths and sitz baths may also be part of a hydrotherapy clinic treatment plan. A colon hydrotherapy clinic will typically utilize irrigation procedures to thoroughly cleanse the colon from harmful toxins.

In most cases, a hydrotherapy clinic will treat adults with special needs and some offer pediatric services for children. For pets who have special physical therapy needs, a veterinary hydrotherapy clinic may be recommended. Typically this type of clinic will be recommended by a veterinarian.

The treatments offered at hydrotherapy clinics will vary depending upon each individual's need. Some patients who have neck, shoulder, or back problems may benefit from a type of hydrotherapy mineral bath that is done in a special room at the clinic. A specially trained therapist may perform hydrotherapy techniques and help the patient do hydrotherapy exercises to improve circulation. The warmth of the water may help tight muscles relax and improve flexibility in many patients.

Use of a steam bath or sauna room may also be included at hydrotherapy clinics and spas. Many experts believe this is also a good way to eliminate toxins that have built up in the body. In some cases, medicinal herbs may be added to heated wraps. Some spa hydrotherapy treatments may also incorporate aromatherapy into the treatment.


Colon hydrotherapy uses a procedure known as colonics to detoxify the intestinal tract. In a colon hydrotherapy clinic, a therapist will administer a solution of sterilized water to the patient, via the rectum. This hydrotherapy technique will permeate the large intestine. The irrigation process is said to be much more effective than an enema. The entire produce generally will take less than one hour.

Certain breeds of dogs may will display symptoms of arthritis and joint problems as they age. Other conditions such as hip dysplasia may also produce painful conditions in pets. For this reason, a veterinary hydrotherapy clinic may be recommended for the pet to help alleviate painful symptoms and loss of mobility. This form of rehabilitation for pets may include swimming or other types of water exercises. This typically imposes less stress to an animal's tender joints while offering cardiovascular benefits as well.

Hydrotherapy techniques and procedures should be done under the supervision of a medical professional. This is especially important for women who are pregnant or those with medical conditions, such as diabetes. If an individual's physician feels the patient may benefit from services at a hydrotherapy clinic, the patient should chose a facility that is licensed and certified.


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