What is a Hydrotherapy Cleanse?

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Hydrotherapy cleanse is an alternative therapy that cleanses and flushes the upper and lower colon with low-pressure water. The purpose of a hydrotherapy cleanse is to flush built-up waste, detoxify the body and maintain and restore healthy bowel function. A controversial procedure, a hydrotherapy cleanse can be done at home or by a professionally trained practitioner.

There are many different types of cleanses. The different names can indicate the function of the cleanse. Some of the types of professional hydrotherapy colon cleanses are colonic irrigation, high colonic and colon hydrotherapy. Examples of names for at-home body cleanses are enema, clysters and colon lavage.

Some people believe that colon cleanses alleviate menstrual pain. The colonic irrigation releases pressure from the bowel, according to advocates. They believe that relieving this pressure will alleviate a majority of the overall discomfort experienced during menstruation.

Hydrotherapy cleanse is also associated with chemotherapy relief. The theory is that the colon cleanse strengthens the immune system by aiding and supplementing the body's natural detoxification process when chemotherapy toxins are introduced to the system. This treatment is also used to help cancer patients relieve constipation, which is a common side effect of chemotherapy.


Although at-home kits are available for hydrotherapy cleanses, usually the procedure is done with the assistance of a trained professional. The home hydrotherapy cleanse is generally not as thorough as a professional hydrotherapy colon cleanse, but it can still be effective. Many people who do a hydrotherapy cleanse at home find that the benefits of the privacy and comfort of their home out-weigh the cost of receiving a less thorough body cleanse.

Opinions about the utility of hydrotherapy cleansing are quite polarized. Some medical experts contend that colon cleansing is not beneficial. They argue that this practice exaggerates the importance of detoxifying the colon and bowel regularity. These experts often subscribe to the opinion that only allopathic medicine (drugs and surgery) is effective in fighting disease and maintaining health.

Adherents of hydrotherapy argue that fecal matter builds up along the lining of the intestines and colon and is essentially poisoning the body. This theory has received a great deal of criticism. Very little scientific evidence supports the claim that fecal matter backs up and lines the intestines over time.

Any benefits that do come from hydrotherapy cleanse come at a risk. Some of the health risks of colon cleanse include life-threatening electrolyte imbalances and perforation of the bowel. It is a good idea to talk to a doctor before undergoing any type of hydrotherapy cleanse.


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