What Is a Hydration Station™?

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A Hydration Station™ is a specialized tanning bed that delivers a deeper, better-conditioned, and longer-lasting tan than conventional tanning beds. It is designed to be used as a self tanning solution and does not require build outs, indoor plumbing, or escalated liability insurance. Instead, it uses several different technologies to provide a form of sunless tanning that is better for both consumers and business owners alike.

One technology used in a Hydration Station™ combines radiant heat and steam diffusion. Whereas conventional tanning beds use dangerous ultraviolet radiation to deliver a tan, the Hydration Station™ produces a harmless radiant heat that stimulates the skin instead of penetrating it. Steam penetrates the skin to moisturize it, balance pH levels, and prepares it to absorb the radiant heat. The result is a cleaner and more hydrated tan that also looks better.

Another technology adds certain minerals and liquid vitamins to the steam beforehand. The steam contains a mineral melanin concentrate that prepares the skin for radiant heat, a vitamin E and vitamin C concentrate that protects the skin during the process, and an aloe concentrate that prolongs the tan. A Hydration Station™ is also customizable, and users can choose to add additional concentrates based on their specific needs.


In addition to providing self tanning services, a Hydration Station™ also has many other amenities. For instance, it comes with a built-in soft massage bed with adjustable vibration intensity. Also included is a head pillow, an adjustable cool air fan, and a color LCD display.

Integrated LED lights whose color can be changed from red to blue, violet, orange, jade, yellow, or green are also featured. Each specific tanning and massage program comes with its own set of light directions designed to help users relax. Users can set their own lighting program if they so desire.

What separates the Hydration Station™ from other tanning beds besides the technology is its expandability. The LCD display includes a port for connecting an external DVD player so users can watch a movie. Electronic ports and mounting ledges have also been included so business owners can install stereo speakers.

A Hydration Station™ can also be hooked up to a TMAX timer. This means business owners can operate their station like they would a regular tanning bed. This allows users to monitor their time tanning, whether it's for fifteen minutes or thirty minutes.


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