What is a Hyaluronic Acid Filler?

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Hyaluronic acid filler is a compound that is utilized to provide a temporary filler in lines and wrinkles on the face and neck areas. Considered to be an alternative to cosmetic surgery or the insertion of implants under the skin, the use of products containing this filler as a major ingredient has become popular among both men and women. Most of the time, it is injected into the skin in outpatient treatments, making the process relatively simple and inexpensive when compared to other methods of creating a more youthful appearance.

A healthcare professional may use a hyaluronic acid filler alone or in conjunction with other types of fillers. When the patient wishes to look into a non-surgical procedure to minimize or possibly eliminate facial lines, hyaluronic acid may be used in one area, such as the laugh lines. At the same time, another filler, such as Botox®, may be injected to fill in facial furrows in the area of the eyebrows. A dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon who is well versed in the field of facial augmentation can determine when and how each type of filler will benefit the patient’s appearance.


The cost of using this filler is significantly less than going for a surgical face-lift. In addition, there is a reduced risk of infection from the injections and almost no swelling in the majority of cases. This translates into a natural appearance that can be achieved in a very short period of time, without the need for a long recovery period.

Of course, the administration of hyaluronic acid filler is not right for everyone. The injections will not last as long as a standard face lift, and if there is a significant amount of sagging in the skin, the treatments will not produce much in the way of results. However, cosmetic surgeons can evaluate the patient and determine if injections will produce reasonable results that will satisfy the patient without the necessity of plastic surgery.


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Post 3

The great part about hyaluronic acid and collagen facial fillers is that they are natural. These are substances already found in our body, so there are no long-term ill effects. Since our tissues absorb fillers after some time, it's important for it to be natural.

Post 2

@literally45-- I had hyaluronic acid filler injections done last year. I had it done to reduce the appearance of my smile lines (nasolabial folds) and it worked very well.

As far as I know, hyaluronic acid fillers can't be used on every part of the face. They're best for filling in lines around the mouth because hyaluronic acid doesn't affect muscles like some other types of fillers. So if your issue is smile lines, I do recommend hyaluronic acid.

I think that the potential side effects for all fillers are mostly the same though. So there is always a possibility that you might get an infection, bruising or a lumpy appearance at the injection site. These risks exists with all injections, but if you work with a qualified and experienced doctor, you probably won't have a problem.

Post 1

Has anyone here had hyaluronic acid filler injections? How did it work out for you?

I was told that hyaluronic acid fillers look much more natural than botox and are less likely to cause side effects. Would you agree with this and would you recommend hyaluronic acid fillers for me?

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