What is a Human Growth Hormone Releaser?

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A human growth hormone releaser is a supplement that causes the human body to release increased levels of human growth hormone. Human growth hormone releasers are marketed as an anti-aging product and a muscle building supplement. These supplements claim to cause the pituitary to release more growth hormone, which can lead to increased muscle mass, energy, improved skin, better eyesight, and a number of other benefits. Human growth hormone releasers are usually in pill or spray form and can be purchased without a prescription at supplement stores. Despite these supposed benefits, there is little scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of human growth hormone releasers.

The most common reason people take a human growth hormone releaser is because they want to reverse the aging process. Human growth hormone has long been considered to be a miracle supplement that can cause the user's skin, hair, and body to look younger. There is no scientific evidence that human growth hormone actually does these things, however. Human growth hormone has been shown to be effective in helping short children reach normal heights, but it has never been proved to reverse aging.


Another reason people take a human growth hormone releaser is to gain muscle mass, and human growth hormone is often used by bodybuilders as an effective muscle building supplement. Bodybuilders, however, use human growth hormone injections instead of a human growth hormone releaser to raise their human growth hormone levels. Human growth hormone releasers usually consist of various herbs and other ingredients that have not been proved to effectively raise human growth hormone levels. Statements on supplement labels are not evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and in many cases may not be true.

For those wishing to reverse the aging process, there are much better options than human growth hormone releasers. Exercise and a healthy diet are much more effective at reversing aging than a human growth hormone releaser. Quitting bad habits, such as smoking, is also an effective way to look younger.

For those who want to raise their growth hormone levels, injections are a much better option. In the United States, injectable growth hormone is only available with a valid prescription. These injections are very costly, but they are the only definite way to raise growth hormone levels. Injectable human growth hormone has many negative side effects, and the benefits do not outweigh the side effects for most people. Ultimately, human growth hormone releasers have not been proved to be very effective, and most people would be better off using other supplements to achieve their goals.


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