What is a Hosted Dialer?

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A hosted dialer, also known as a virtual dialer or a web-based dialer, is a form of predictive dialer. Predictive dialing uses a system within a computer to call a group of telephone numbers on behalf of an agent. Agents are most likely employees who work in a call center like those devoted to telemarketing. What helps sets hosted dialers apart from other types of predictive dialers is that they use Software as a Service (SaaS) to deliver predictive dialing.

Unlike their hard dialer counterparts whichrequire computer hardware and associated physical equipment to function, a hosted dialer can work with just a computer and Internet access. However, this requires that hosted dialers rely on stable Internet connections. Investing in a telephone line for each calling agent may also be a priority, depending on the type of business that is using hosted dialers.


When implemented in a call center, a call center manager can configure the dialer to function as per the needs of the call center. For example, a manager can upload call settings and customize it with special instructions using a web-based interface before the day begins for employees. That way, when employees enter the facility and sit down to work, they can simply sign onto a website and follow the instructions provided on it. Many of their tasks are already performed for them so that all that is left to do is to communicate with a person who has answered his phone as a result of the automated dialing.

Business owners may find many other benefits of using hosted dialers. They may cut costs because they don't have to pay money for extra software or licensing agreements to use the hosted dialer. Troubleshooting and software updates and upgrades are the responsibility of the hosted dialer's service provider instead of the business owner. Business owners may also be able to hire remote employees because working with a hosted dialer does not require that an employee be at a specific location.

While there was a time when hosted dialers were only used in small companies, many new, bigger companies have adopted their use. Technological advances, especially with those concerning Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), have made the option of using a hosted dialer hospitable and cost-effective for companies of all sizes. Using a hosted dialer is one of the many ways any business can save money and streamline their operations.


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