What is a Healing Mantra?

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A healing mantra consists of sounds that energize and subsequently quiet the mind to promote relief from physical or mental ills. It is a method of healing used in Eastern religions, specifically Hinduism and Buddhism, that sends healing energy to a person repeating certain chants. A healing mantra is based on the belief that sounds produce universal energy, and that power can be harnessed to cure diseases and ailments.

Different mantras are used for various purposes, from helping a woman conceive a child to aiding her in finding a suitable husband. Mantras also exist to help a student reach success in his or her educational studies and to attract prosperity and happiness. Other mantras assist in removing obstacles that pop up in every day life by guarding the mind against negative energy.

The word mantra dates from the spiritual Vedic period, a precursor to Hinduism. It is a Sanskrit word taken from two words, manas and trai, which mean mind and to protect from. When used together, mantra refers to protecting a person from influences of the mind. A mantra operates on the subconscious level to increase intuition and wisdom that can be used to deal with problems or illnesses.


When a person uses a healing mantra, it may be spoken aloud or repeated silently. Some people use a healing mantra with meditation to balance the mind and gain insight into the cause of mental or physical conditions that lead to illness. A healing mantra calls on a particular Hindu god to send healing energy to the person repeating the mantra.

People who want to try a healing mantra first choose one they are comfortable repeating. Hindu tradition usually includes saying a prayer, and deciding the number of times a day, or the amount of time daily, devoted to repeating the mantra. Spiritual teachers recommend repeating the healing mantra at least 108 times daily for a minimum of 40 days when hoping for a specific outcome.

Those who promote the practice of healing mantras believe internal resistance may appear before the 40-day period ends. The conscious mind may react by devising excuses to discontinue the daily regimen of repeating the Sanskrit phrase. According to traditional beliefs, a minor life disruption that contributes to this phenomenon is a sign that spiritual growth is taking place and means a person is becoming more intuitive.


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