What is a Healing Gem?

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Healing gems are gemstones that are thought to either retain healing energy or can serve as a means of focusing healing energy for use in treating a wide range of ailments. The gems may be used in alternative healing procedures conducted by a practitioner of gem therapy or crystal healing, or selected and worn as jewelry by individuals seeking to deal with some type of physical or emotional distress. Generally, the quality of the healing gem must be as pure as possible, with many adherents preferring gems that are rounded and smooth.

A healing gem can be used in many different ways. One approach is to place the gem near the patient at night. The idea is that as the individual sleeps, the close proximity to the gem makes it possible for the body to be infused with energy to heal a particular ailment.

Another common use of a healing gem involves a trained practitioner who gently places several stones at specific energy points on the body of the patient. The patient is normally in a prone position and is encouraged to relax and allow the mind to clear. Depending on the healing gem or combination of gems used, the treatment is supposed to help draw negative energy out of the body and replace it with positive energy.


A third means of utilizing a healing gem involves the creation of jewelry that the individual can wear throughout the day. The jewelry can be something as simple as a lapel pin fashioned from a single gem to a necklace or bracelet created with a combination of gems understood to exude energy patterns that are in harmony with one another. According to proponents of this practice, the gems are constantly involved in cleansing the energy field or aura that surrounds the body.

Each healing gem is understood to possess properties that can help with different types of physical or mental dysfunction. Diamonds are used to increase the level of mental clarity and help individuals have a clear focus on their purpose in life. Amethysts focus on spiritual well-being and enlightenment, sometimes by helping to clear a blockage of energy somewhere in the body that is interfering with the ability of the individual to connect with the Universe. Emeralds are considered an excellent option for treating a number of physical and emotional issues that may be directly connected. Proponents claim that emeralds are especially helpful with anxiety and depression, as well as healing the individual from a loss of self-confidence.

In order to receive the most benefit from a healing gem, it is imperative to obtain gemstones that are as pure as possible. Essentially, the higher the purity level of a given gem happens to be, the easier it is to benefit from the energy emitted or focused by the properties of the gem

Traditional medicine does not endorse the use of a healing gem to treat physical or emotional issues. However, practitioners and believers in the healing properties of gems report that using the right gem brings about relief that is more permanent than conventional medication and generally much less expensive.


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