What is a Hardtack Rolling Pin?

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As a means of creating dough that has a unique texture when baked, the hardtack rolling pin is an essential utensil for the kitchen. Made of hardwood, the hardtack rolling pin has an oblong round body that has rows of evenly spaced protrusions that help to create that texture as the dough is rolled out. Here is more information on the hardtack rolling pin, and some examples of how it can be used.

With a body of hardwood and a handle at each end of the tubular rotating main section, the hardtack rolling pin operates in the same fashion as any metal, plastic, or wooden rolling pin. Used to level the surface of dough, the added bonus of a hardtack rolling pin is that the rough texture of the body creates indentations in the dough itself. Once the dough is cut out and placed into the oven to bake, those indentations remain and bake right along with the dough.

The end result is a more visually appealing look to the baked items as well as a slight change in the texture of the crust of the bread as well. Designed for use primarily in the making of cracker bread, most notably varieties of Knackebrod or hardtack flatbread, the rolling pins work quickly and efficiently to provide just the right texture for these types of bread.


Hardtack rolling pins can also be used for other applications as well. For instance, running a hardtack rolling pin over boneless cuts of chicken or steak is a great way to work in seasonings before baking or broiling. Along with using a hardtack rolling pin for bread dough, the pin can also be used in the preparation of cookie dough as well. Cinnamon or sugar that is sprinkled on top of the dough will be worked into points along the surface of the cookie, adding both extra flavor and a look that will make the cookies a little more unique.

The hardtack rolling pin may be a little more difficult to find, but it is well worth the effort. Typically, kitchen specialty shops and restaurant supply stores are great places to find different sizes of the hardtack rolling pin. While more costly than most wooden rolling pins, the extra texture that results from using the hardtack rolling pin to roll out dough or to infuse other foods with flavor make it a favorite among people who take their baking and cooking seriously.


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