What is a Hanging Shoe Bag?

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A hanging shoe bag is a shoe organizer that hangs from a closet or on a hook such as on the back of a door. It is usually made from canvas and/or vinyl, but some hanging shoe bags are made of soft mesh material. There are different styles of hanging shoe bags, which can all be used to store other items when space is at a premium.

Many hanging shoe bags have compartments that each hold one pair of shoes. Some shoe bags have pockets that each holds a single shoe. The pockets are often transparent vinyl to allow you to view each shoe. Hanging shoe bags with compartments are often made of canvas. Some newer styles of hanging shoe bags are made from eco-friendly materials that use non-toxic glues and other bio-based materials.

Most hanging shoe bags are open at each end, but some bags zip up like clothing bags. This type is good for storing shoes that are seldom used to help keep them dust free. Many shoe bags are a neutral color such as beige, but some are more colorful and a few are patterned.


The capacity of a hanging shoe bag ranges from about four pairs to ten or more pairs of shoes. Most compartmental shoe bags are single rowed, but some are double rowed. A hanging shoe bag may hang in a bedroom or hall closet. It may often be used as part of a closet organization system that has shelves and rods to hang clothes.

It is possible to use the compartments of a hanging shoe bag to store items other than shoes. For example, in apartments without a linen closet, a hanging shoe bag can be used to store small items such as cloth napkins and facecloths. A hanging shoe bag can hold baby clothes, diapers and other infant supplies in a nursery. When the child gets older, the bottom compartments can hold toys, while out of season clothing can be store in the upper areas. An alternate idea is to keep complete toddler outfits in lower compartments so they’re all ready for the child to wear.


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