What is a Hand Massager?

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When someone refers to a "hand massager," he or she usually means a device that functions to massage the hands, but they also might be referring to a handheld massager, a device that is to be held in the hands while massaging other parts of the body. Massagers that target the hands are specially designed to help with aches and pains associated with stressful use of the hands. Handheld massagers can function solely for the purpose of alleviating hand stress, but they also can have multiple applications and be used with other devices.

Hand massagers generally are used to keep the hands warm and improve blood circulation. They can be used to relieve hand fatigue. Aches in the joints, fingers or other areas of the hand can be addressed by using the hand massager. People who suffer from arthritic conditions might also benefit from the use of hand massagers, especially if they are used in conjunction with the appropriate hand massage cream or oils.

Some hand massagers might function as a form of physical therapy for their owners. Owners can use the hand massagers to recover from stress injuries or to regain mobility in their digits. This type of hand massager is specially contoured to target stress points along the hands. Holding, gripping, squeezing and rolling these hand massagers might result in better control of the hands.


Features in handheld hand massagers can vary considerably. Potential owners might be surprised to find that some hand massagers look prickly, because they are intended to add pressure to different points on the hand. Other hand massagers might appear to be smooth and have grooves in them designed to aid grip. Some hand massagers come equipped with vibration or heating options. Owners can set the intensity of heat and vibration to a comfortable, pleasurable or therapeutic level.

In addition to using vibrations and heating to help soothe the hands, a hand massager also can help relieve stress and tension. A hand massager can be designed so that when its owner handles it, it triggers acupressure points. This might aid its owners' hand therapy practices.

A hand massager can also double as another object. For example, a computer mouse has been designed to act as a hand massager so that the user's hand can be massaged while he or she uses a computer. Hand massagers like these offer two-in-one solutions for users who want to save time by getting a hand massage while undergoing their normal routines.


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