What is a Half Round Gutter?

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A half round gutter is a kind of gutter that is shaped, from a cross section perspective, like a semicircle. Instead of being angled or having steps built into the design, which is common in quite a bit of modern construction, a half round gutter is arched in order to collect rain or melting ice and snow in order to divert it into a downspout. Many people think that this kind of gutter gives a house a more classic or antique look. As such, half round gutters are often used in the restoration of older home or in the construction of new homes that are intended to have a sort of classic aesthetic.

There are a number of materials that can be used to make half round gutters. One of the most expensive kinds is a copper half round gutter. Although copper is an expensive product to build with, many people believe that it is worth the expense for a number of reasons. One of the top reasons is that a copper half round gutter will not rust. Instead, a copper half round gutter will become a lovely light green after it oxidizes. In fact, it is the pleasing effect of oxidized copper that inspires many people to use the product in their construction projects.


In addition to copper, a half round gutter can also be made using aluminum. Aluminum is another popular construction material for gutters, but for different reasons than copper half round gutters. An aluminum half round gutter is often less expensive than a copper half round gutter. Also, it is possible to purchase an aluminum gutter in many colors and finishes while copper is very specific in its color, which is an orange gold hue prior to oxidation and a sea green after oxidation.

Aluminum half round gutter color options include browns, light colors such as cream and ivory, various shades of green, a range of browns and tans, grays, and even red. For this reason, many people choose to use aluminum half round gutters in their construction or restoration projects so that they can make the gutters fit in well with the other colors on the exterior of the house. In addition to blending in with the exterior colors, aluminum gutters can also be used to accent the colors on the exterior of the house. For example, a yellow house can be brightened up with cream or ivory colored gutters.


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